Urban Naxals led by Yogendra Yadav have called for Bharat Bandh tomorrow in the name of farmers’ protests. However, the full majority central government led by Narendra Modi has called not to follow any of Bharat Bandh propaganda of Urban Naxals. Many of the farmers’ groups and individual leaders of the states such as UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Bihar have come open against any such calls. However, since the Naxalites and Terrorist ideologues made this call for Bharath Bandh, a common man and a farmer of the country must be worried about the following questions: 

  1. Does Naxal and Terrorist ideologues’ call for Bharat Bandh mean few more riots in Delhi, same as last year?
  2. Riots mean Delhiites and the rest of the country must be ready for terror and burning of the cities?
  3. Should a common man keep the defensive weapons at home as violent Terror and Naxal ideologues made this call, and they can attack anyone in violence? 
  4. Will Hindus be again on the target by the Islamists and Khalistanies as they have openly abused only Hindus in so-called farmers’ protests?
  5. Does this Bharat Bandh mean few more deaths of innocent Hindus, same as last years’ Delhi riots?
  6. Does this Bharat Bandh mean riots being the new normal for Delhiites?
  7. Does this Bharat Bandh mean the left media supporting violence and divisive Mughal and Khalistani forces?
  8. Does this Bharath Bandh mean farmers live only in Punjab, not in the rest of the country?
  9. Do the riots and deaths of Hindus mean successful Bharat Bandh for left Indian Media?
  10. Does the definition of Bandh mean Hindus on the target and violence against them? 

These are the questions a Delhiite, and a common man must be worried about right now. People of the NCR region’s border areas where the so-called farmers but Naxals and Terrorists have gathered should be seriously worried about the above questions. They are openly abusing Hindus. Therefore, Hindus living in the NCR border areas should be ready for any violent attacks from Islamists and Khalistanies disguised as farmers. 

Remember, leftist media is fully supporting this Bharat Bandh. Hence, keep a close eye on the developments. Hindus must keep the defensive weapons at home and try to relocate the children and women from border areas of the NCR to some other places. This is because the Islamists and Mughals last year have targetted only Hindus in the name of CAA protests. Central and Delhi governments should also ensure the full safety of the common men, especially Hindus of the NCR region. Hindus stay alert and stay safe.

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