Secularism means where every individual is given the liberty to follow their faith without any interference from the state. However, in the present context, it has been transformed into something else, especially by our politicians and the media. In the veil of secularism, communal sentiments are being promoted in the society.

This appeasement of minorities especially started in the Congress era. They realized that polarising the minority votes, especially the Muslim votes could tilt the election results in their favor. Thus started this appeasement politics in the name of secularism and this was aided by the media. Now you make any objectionable comment, as long as it is anti-Hindu, it’s secular but as soon as you say something in favor of Hindus or claim to be their representative, you will be undoubtedly tagged as communal. Dr. Manmohan Singh went on to say that Muslims have the first right to Indian resources. For all, we know he could just be narrating his party’s opinion but still, the Congress party is seen as secular. Rahul Gandhi said those temple goers are eve-teasers. There are various other politicians who made such remarks and if I put that on a list, it’s gonna be a long list. But my point is that our politicians never miss a chance to give political colors to everything. And why all this? Just so that they could portray themselves as pro-Muslim and gather as many Muslim votes as possible. Of course, there are some wise and educated Muslims who could see through this shrewd agenda of the politicians but most fails to see this. The media has its own reason for promoting this idea of pseudo-secularism.

Being the home of so many religions India needs to be secular but secularism in the true sense. Not this pseudo-secularism that is prevailing in India. We are Indians and we all must be treated as equals. Giving undue favor to any religion is being communal, be it Hindu or Muslim. This kind of mentality is detrimental to the very fabric that binds society together. Its time when the definition of secularism in India reverts back to its true definition.

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