There are many NGOs with secular names in India which are centres of rabid Christian evangelism, running under the garb of social service and receiving funds from dubious Christian evangelist organisations abroad which also funds anti-India and anti-Hindu legal activism in India. One such NGO, the Uttar Kshetriya Samaj Vikas Kendra (UKSVK) with a secular name is a wing of the Christian Diocese in Lucknow.

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has in its investigations found that the UKSVK has received Rs. 14.93 Crores from Caritas and Misereor which are in turn rabid evangelist organisations based in Vatican and Germany.

Misereor is a Catholic Bishops Organisation based in Germany, which apart from funding many Christian evangelist organisations in India for converting vulnerable Hindus in India illegally, was the principal donor of Equations, the organisation that demonized the Amarnath Yatra in collaboration with Kashmiri separatist organisations.

Misereor also partnered with SHERPA, an NGO which filed an complaint against the Rafale Deal in France. SHERPA is also alleged to be a shell company of Misereor.

Misereor thus tried to sabotage the Rafale Deal which is vital for India’s safety and security. It is quite obvious that countries inimical to India’s interest tried to scrap the deal by activating their pawns in India through legal activism.

Misereor and Caritas also funds the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) founded by Colin Gonsalves which has been campaigning for scrapping of sedition laws in India, so that anti-India activities and secessionism becomes legal in India with an aim to break India in several parts. HRLN is also funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

These dubious foreign evangelist organisations also fund NGO founded by Harsh Mander, Centre for Equity Studies (CES). CES is also funded by Islamic Relief which funds terrorist organisations like Hamas and Islamic Brotherhood.

The UKSVK funded by Vatican based Caritas Internationalis. Caritas is an arm of the Vatican it was founded in 1897, is a confederation of 165 Catholic Relief organisations and operates in 200 countries across the world. In India it partners with 350 NGOs and claims to have 2,50,000 volunteers.

Caritas was found indulging in anti-national activities, launching the infamous Church driven protest against the Kudankulam nuclear power project and involved in funding political activities which are gross violations of the FCRA rules. The Home Ministry had therefore in 2015 put this organisation in the FCRA prior permission category. Prior permission means foreign funding cannot come directly into the account of the recipient NGO as the RBI has to route every fund through the Union Home Ministry which decides whether fund can be released or not.

So, since the record of Caritas and Misereor being dubious ranging from funding rabid conversions in India to staging Kudankulam protests against the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, funding anti-Amarnath Yatra reports, trying to sabotage Rafale deal by funding their pawns in India like Colin Gonsalves and Harsh Mander whose sole aim is to demonise Hinduism, Indian Army, the RSS, BJP and any policy of Indian government promoting India’s security and economic development.

These illegal activities constitutes serious violations of FCRA Rules as investigated by the Legal Rights Observatory. The LRO has filed a complaint to the Ministry of Home Affairs against the UKSVK, for using foreign funds for illegal conversions in the name of social service and receiving foreign funds from dubious sources like Caritas and Misereor which fund anti-India activities as discussed above.

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