For any nascent country, the most important person its President or Prime Minister. India had the same story in 1947.

At the stroke of midnight of 15 August 1947, when the world slept, India was awake, waiting for the announcement of its independence. Fortunately, India became free that night but unfortunately, instead of Bose or Patel, Nehru became it’s first Prime Minister. The success of any country depends on the efficient ruling of its Ministers and here the head minister was busy in portraying himself as a Peace giving messenger of God.

Now here is the list of 14 big blunders of Nehru-

1- KASHMIR ISSUE– Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir had done successful merger of Kashmir in India, our Indian forces had only asked the time of a few more days to establish peace in the valley. But it was Nehru who poked his nose and took an absolute internal issue at international level and got it registered in United Nations.

2- MAKING INDIA A SECULAR COUNTRY– When most of the countries and even Pakistan has its state religion, then why India remained secular. This secularism has done nothing but only dominated the majority section of the society.

3- REFUSING THE PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP IN SECURITY COUNCIL– India does not require this opportunity. This was the opinion of Nehru. If India would have been its permanent member then the complications in declaring Masood Azar as an international terrorist would have reduced to half.

4- OFFERING THE PERMANENT SEAT TO CHINA– Refusal was not the limit, he suggested the name of China just to show his big heart.

5- REFUGE TO DALAI LAMA– When China warned that no country would interrupt between China and Dalai Lama, it was India who not only welcomed Dalai Lama but also the welcomed the open enmity with China.

6- REFUSAL TO GWADAR PORT In 1950, the Sultan of Oman offered Gwadar port to India for 1 million, but Nehru refused, later on the port was purchased by Pakistan for 3 millions.

7- GIFT OF COCO ISLANDS– Nehru became impressed with Burma and gifted its Coco islands to it, now it is used by China to keep an eye on Indian army.

8- GIFT OF KABAW VALLEY– In 1952, Nehru gifted Kabaw valley which was as beautiful as Kashmir to Burma. Had the valley been the part of India, it would have attracted thousands of more tourists.

9- REFUSAL TO NEPAL– Nepal’s Maharaja wanted to merge it with India, but it the the great hearted Nehru who refused.

10- LOSS OF AKSAI CHIN– Gradually China started expanding its legs in the area of Aksai Chin, Indian forces warned Nehru of it but he said that the area was infertile and useless for India.

11- REFUSAL TO NUCLEAR DEAL– American President John F. Kennedy offered a nuclear deal to India much before Indo-China war, but Nehru refused saying that India is a peace loving country. Had he accepted the deal India would had won China war.

12- DISCRIMINATION IN CIVIL CODE– Uniform Civil Code which was applicable to all the citizens of India irrespective of their casts was not applicable on Muslims, this was Nehru’s decision just because he had the fear of losing Muslim vote bank.

13- DIVISION OF INDIA ON LINGUISTIC BASIS– Andra Pradesh was formed on linguistic basis which was Nehru’s idea.

14- CLOSED ECONOMY– Nehru wanted India to become a closed economy, consuming its own products as a result the growth rate remained only 4 %, which could have increased up to 6-7 %.

Above only mentions the list of big mistakes, a long list of small mistakes is uncountable. Had the ownership of India been in the hands of Patel or Bose the fate of India would have been some different today.

If Nehru had such a huge heart, why didn’t he donated his own personal properties. True patriot don’t bother for fame just like Bose. They quietly sacrifice their lives just like Chandrashekhar Azad. Sold the country just for his image sake, was India the property of his father?

Ironically we still say Gandhi Nehru ke iss desh me…

We respect this person as the first Prime Minister of India, we celebrate his birthday. How many of us really remember the birthday of Chandrashekhar Azad or Subhash Chandra Bose?

Well, now its time to change. Now its time to remember the true heroes, not the one who pretended to be one….



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