CLAT 2022 or Common Law Admission Test has developed a reputation for being one of the toughest entrance exams.

With 60,000 students appearing for the exam every year, only 5 percent of all candidates get into the National Law University. However, with the right kind of preparation, it is possible for the candidates to crack the exam on their very first attempt.
Structure of CLAT 2022 Exam

Knowing what to expect in the exam and preparing accordingly is half the battle won. CLAT is based on English, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques, and Current Affairs. The last category includes General Knowledge.

The format and structure of CLAT 2022 have also changed recently. The overall number of questions has been reduced from 200 to 150, while a comprehension section has been added where candidates will be given passages of 300-450 words.

Candidates should prepare for the exam according to the structure. This is where solving CLAT Sample Paper 2022 can prove to be extremely valuable. It not only introduces the aspirant to the structure and format, but it also helps in timing their responses.
Each question in CLAT 2022 exam carries one mark, while each wrong answer will result in a deduction of 0.25 marks. It is essential that students attempt those questions of which they are absolutely sure, as wrong answers can result in low marks.

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Get started now

With four months left for the CLAT 2022 exam, it is imperative that you kick into high gear and start preparing immediately. The time left for the exam should be used wisely. Have a look at the syllabus, previous year’s papers, and some CLAT sample papers for 2022. Measure which sections you need to put extra effort in and divide your time accordingly. You should cover the syllabus section-wise, then solve as many CLAT Mock Test Papers 2022 as per the section.

Oswal CLAT Sample Question Paper 2022 consists of 15 sample papers prepared by the Oswal Editorial Board after in-depth research and analysis of 2022 exam pattern and syllabus. Each sample paper also includes the latest typology as specified by NLU like comprehension-based MCQs from quantitative techniques, current affairs including general knowledge, English language, logical and legal reasoning.

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Be persistent

You cannot afford to put the CLAT 2022 preparation on hold for anything else. It is important to prepare consistently to crack the exam on your first attempt. You should study regularly with short breaks to keep your mind fresh. Stick to your plan for preparation and be persistent. You can Join CLAT coaching in Lucknow for CLAT preparation 2022.

CLAT Mock Test or Sample Papers 2022

CLAT Sample Papers 2022 by Oswal Books can give you vital information on how your preparation is going while highlighting any areas that require extra attention. This will give you a chance to sharpen your analytical skills which are important for many sections of CLAT paper. You should also time how much time you take for each section and then try to correct any discrepancies. Oswal CLAT Sample Question Paper 2022 contains all the important exam tools such as NLUs 2020, 2019 & 2018 cut-off, Evaluation plan till January 2022 exam, CLAT 2020 paper with a detailed explanation, ‘On Tips Notes’ for crisp revision, and many more.


Stay Motivated

As mentioned earlier, CLAT 2022 exam is one of the toughest entrance exams due to the number of candidates and the limited number of seats. If you are not motivated or attempting the exam for the wrong reasons, you will only be disappointed.
Use resources near you like productivity apps, fellow CLAT aspirants, and mentors to stay motivated while preparing for the exam.

Subject wise preparation

Here are some topic-specific tips that you can use to improve your chances in CLAT 2022 exam.

English: Read good newspapers like The Hindu, The Telegraph, and The Indian Express to improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills. You can also use a good grammar book to brush up on your grammar skills.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs: Using a good book for general knowledge can be used to prepare for GK as the information is mostly static. You need to add monthly current affairs magazines like The Caravan to your reading list of dailies to prepare for current affairs.

Legal Argument: Certainly one of the more important sections, you can’t get around this by twisting facts. Use good books like Oswal Books UG CLAT Mock Tests, 15 Sample Question Papers (For 2022 Exams) Book of Oswal Books to practice CLAT 2022 Sample Papers.

Logical Reasoning: This section is usually time-consuming. Solving CLAT Sample Papers 2022 can help in this problem.

Quantitative Techniques: The questions in this section will come from Class 10 Maths. You can use your old NCERT textbooks to prepare for it. If you are weak in any subject you might join CLAT 2022 coaching for CLAT preparation.


Preparation for CLAT 2021 requires consistent preparation and an effective plan to crack the exam in your first attempt. Work with other CLAT aspirants and mentors who can help with preparation or guide your studies. All the best for your exam!

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