35 WhatsApp groups has been banned by the Central Government for spreading myths about Agnipath scheme. Also at least ten people have been arrested for spreading fake news and misleading youth on Agnipath. Strict measures are being taken by the Union Government to stop the misinformation being spread about Agnipath scheme which might lead to violent protests.

Violent protests are being witnessed in many states like Telangana, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh over the new scheme. The violent protestors torched trains set and public property were vandalised Railway cancelled 234 trains while 340 trains have been affected.The govt came up with a new scheme called Agnipath. This scheme is for the youths of 17-21 years ( only for this year the age limit has been increased to 23 ). These youths will be employed into the security forces for 4 years where they will be paid an in-hand salary of 21000 which will increase every year. After four years, 25 percent of the total youths initially employed will be kept as permanent security personnels and the service of others will get terminated. The ones whose service got terminated will be given a sum of 11.7 lakhs from which they can work for their future. To control future violence, the government is taking strict action against those who are trying to spread fake news on the subject which could lead to violence. Also The Press Information Bureau has also opened a fact check line to verify information regarding the scheme.


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