In a much welcome move, a panel formed by the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) has recommended the removal of names of 387 Moplah mass murderers who committed genocide of Hindus in 1921 during the so-called Malabar Rebellion.

A three member panel set up by the ICHR to review the entries in the fifth volume of the Dicitionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle has reportedly recommended the deletion of murderous Islamist Jihadist Variamkunnath Kunhamed Haji, Ali Musaliar and 387 other Moplahs listed as ‘Moplah Martyrs’ as it rightly stated that the 1921 ‘Malabar Rebellion’ was never part of the independence struggle and was a fundamentalist movement focused on forceful conversions of Hindus to Islam.

The panel noted that none of the slogans raised by the blood thirsty Moplah mob rioters were in favour of nationalism and anti-British. The review panel reportedly stated that the rebellion was an attempt to establish a Caliphate. Had it succeeded an Caliphate would have been established in the region and India would have lost that territory to Islamic rule.

The panel concluded that Kunhamed Haji was a rioter who established a Sharia Court and beheaded Hindus. Many Moplah rioters facing trial died out of disease or natural causes and cannot be treated as martyrs.

The Mopilah riots was part of the Khilafat movement supported by MK Gandhi for establishment of an Islamic Caliphate. Nearly 10,000 Hindus were massacred, scores of women were raped and thousands were forcibly converted to Islam in Kerala’s Malabar area in 1921 for an Islamic Caliphate.

It was no peasants’ uprising as the communist distorians and Islamist history writers have portrayed, apart from attacking British establishments in Malabar, the Islamists wanted to wipe out all Hindus from the region for an Islamic Caliphate. Hindus who were forced to flee Malabar due to Islamist invasion by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan leaving their homes and lands came back when British took control of the area and their lands were restored to them by evicting the Moplahs who had usurped the ancestral lands of Hindus.

During the Moplah riots, the Islamists killed these rightful Hindu landowners and did not spare even Hindu labourers. Before they were put to death they were given a choice to convert to Islam with a sword pointing at their necks. The Moplah rioters had organised groups, one group looted, another group murdered and yet another set fire to homes and shops of Hindus. The attack started on August 22, 1921.

On November 9th, 1921 in Vallikunnu the Moplahs burnt 100 Hindu houses, bodies of Hindu men, women and children were dumped in the river. Pregnant women were not spared. A six-month old pregnant hapless young Hindu woman was so brutally murdered that her body lay on the street with her stomach hacked open by a sword with the unborn foetus strewn outside the woman’s body. Women were raped in front of their husbands and brothers. The men were brutally murdered when they refused to convert.

The Muslim rioters brutally murdered thousands of poor Hindu labourers, tenants and craftsmen while the Muslim landlords were left untouched. Hence, trying to whitewash Hindu genocide by Islamist jihadist Moplahs as agricultural revolution to dismantle the feudal landlords for establishing an egalitarian society is as much a figment of imagination and normalising of Hindu Genocide as the claim by Hindu hater distorian, Audrey Truschke that Aurangzeb was a benign administrator who built more Hindu Temples than he broke!

The ICHR Director of Research and Administration wing, Om Jee Upadhyay reportedly stated that the list would be modified as recommended and the amended dictionary would be published by October end this year.

The ICHR’s decision to remove the Moplah genocidaires from the Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle is a very necessary step forward to correct the distortions in history writing by the leftist-Islamist-Christianist mafia trying to whitewash humongous ethnic cleansing of Hindus by barbaric Islamist invaders and European Christian colonisers.


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