Islam is slowly losing its firm base and is constantly loosing followers because of the hatred it embeds within itself against the followers of other faiths.

Recently the Ex-Muslims of Kerala in a meeting at Kochi has made a decision to observe 9th of January as “Kerala ex-Muslims day”. The organisation main aim is to provide social , financial and legal support to the Muslims who are leaving or who wants to leave their religion, Islam. The organisation tries to fight against the discrimination that the ex Muslims have to face because of their decision of leaving Islam. Muslims. They have to go through Ostracism, financial boycott, threat to life etc.
On January 9th 2021 there was a debate between Salafi preacher named M M Akbar and Islamic critic named E A Jabbar master. This programme encouraged many Muslims to question the dark side of Islam. As a result, many Muslims in Kerala left Islam.Therefore, the leaders of ex-Muslims of Kerala has decided to choose the date as a milestone to observe as Kerala ex-Muslims day hereafter.

In past three decades, the trend of leaving Islam has gained a wide range of popularity and many muslims in Kerala are leaving their religion. Social activist Jasla Madassery, Arif Hussain Theruvath, Liyakhat Ali etc. are the prominent faces of ex-Muslims of Kerala movement.

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