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Are you watching America burn? Euphemistically and otherwise? That is because America is burning. Culprit: Technology jihad. The election has been stolen by the Deep State including Big Tech and the results are showing even before inauguration.

A vote for Biden = a vote for Jinping. Ahem, we told you so.

Regardless of the debate on whether ANTIFA terrorists took over the Capitol Hill you should really wonder about big brother(s) on —



and thereby





and their policies towards



And the usual suspect garbage “media” – New York Times, NPR, WaPo, etc.

If you had any doubt about the media having a leftist bias, be sure to digest the facts and know that there is much more than bias. The LEFTIST LOONIES and MAINSTREAM MEDIA plus PLATFORMS are in bed with China.

The Chinese however were smart to create their own technology ecosystem to circumvent the monsters they have created. India however is behind and seems it wants to learn the hard way.

However, if you are a dictator or a Chrislamist, you are safe on all above platforms. Carry on your conversions and atrocities; in fact, you might even get funded by the above platforms to highlight your unimportant, demonic work.

Welcome to 2021. Happy new year.


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