One fine day while I was browsing through my Twitter timeline on a lazy Saturday morning, all of a sudden I came across a tweet by one Non-Left intellectual. His name is Mr. Aabhas Maldahiyar and his tweet was on one of his books “#Modi Again.” So out of sheer curiosity, I visited Aabhas Sir’s profile to read more about his book published by Garuda Prakashan. I was taken aghast to see that he is an Ex-Communist who chose to write a book on a Non-Leftist Indian Prime Minister already popular among the masses. I have not yet bought and read this book but another thing that excited me was Aabhas Sir’s switchover from the Left to Non-Left side of the socio-political ideological spectrum.

I started following him on Twitter and came to know that Aabhas Sir has immense knowledge on theocracy, Indic faiths, Abrahamic versus Indic faith comparisons, topics on Indian History, Indian politics and current affairs. Once I had noticed Aabhas Sir tweeting to The Print that if they haven’t published his article then Kreately could be his next choice for online article posting. Though The Print has posted his opiniated articles on their forum but I then got introduced to Kreately where instant article publishing is possible, without any admin reviews.

Aabhas Sir’s The Print articles were an awesome read for me, be it on Yogi Ji’s anti-Mughal stand or any other opiniated topic. His Twitter profile handle is @Aabhas24 and I would love to meet him someday in reality if life gives a chance. He’s one of those Indian intellectuals in my humble opinion who can give a great comparative analysis of Communism versus Hindutva in particular or Leftism versus Rightism in general.

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