In recent past, Western media went on overdrive in peddling of Anti-India narrative. It is not like that India was blue-eyed boy of western media in Nehruvian regime, but steps on article 370, CAA and Ram Mandir has taken Hindu demonisation project in western left-liberal circles to a new height. There is general apathy among global left-liberals thought police towards the humiliation and injustice suffered by Hindus at hands of Western and Islamic imperialism over the last 1000 years. In Narrative on Kashmir, there is no space for 3 million Hindus who had left to their homes on one midnight in 1990 due to Islamic narrative on Ram Mandir, history would start from 1992 and there would be no mention of barbaric Islamic invaders who destroyed 40000 Hindu worship places. it is acceptable to attack Tulsi Gabbard for her Hindu faith but it is blasphemy to attack Obama for his Muslim parentage. Does Hindu faith and ancient Indian civilization not deserve compassion and empathy ?

Last 2000 years saw rise of Abrahamic faiths rooted in iconoclasm, monotheism and missionary zeal. Most of advanced Pagan civilisations such as Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome were destroyed and removed from face of earth. China was converted through political Abrahamic religion known as Marxism. India is only last major pagan civilization which managed to survive despite 800 years of brutal colonization by Christians and Muslims. India is an exception in world history and HIndu civilization should have died long ago. Seeped in Abrahamic worldview, West is incapable of seeing Hindus any more than good-for-nothing barbarians with a beastly religion. For left-liberal elite, atrocities on Hindus are acceptable as they are less than humans and deserving of the sufferings. Atrocities on Hindus is part of a long and arduous process of extinction of pagan faiths which is natural and cannot be equated with sufferings of Muslims, communists and Christians. However, Global cartels always get outraged when they face any resistance from Hindu pagans because it is against settled order of nature. So, nuclear weapons in possession of communist China is acceptable but in hand of Hindu India is end of the world. Ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Islamic countries is natural but any law to provide refuge to Hindus is an affront to global harmony. Despite several deadly attacks on western cities, calling terror ‘Islamic’ is blasphemy but calling Peaceful Hindus ‘Fascist’ earn you tag of biggest liberal in the town.

The question arises what global elite is trying to achieve out of this campaign. It is old colonial ploy to induce self-hatred among Hindus and align unsuspecting western masses against Hindus. During period of Islamic conquest (1000-1700), it was observed that natural cycle of conversion to faith of winner was not followed. A big chunk of Hindus were converted through sword but a significant majority outlived atrocities but remained true to faith of forefathers. When Aurangzeb crosses the line in 17th century, Hindu determination to protect faith ensured that Muslims lost India forever. It baffled Europeans in early 19th century that a faith without a uniform interpretation maintained a unified resistance to spiritual onslaught of victors who were providing a definite spiritual path and equality with victors. Adding 200 million idolators to Church was one of the key goals behind colonization of India, which was looking difficult now. Goa experience told Europeans that even with unrestrained state support to Hindu persecution, they managed to convert only 20% of Goa population. Europeans saw induction of self-hate as only option to detach Hindu from its religion and covert into Christianity. So, born Raja Rammohan Roy in 1830s who told entire world that we Indians are barbaric and burn our ladies as ‘Sati’ after death of husband. I could not find Sati custom anywhere in Mahabharata and Ramayana. Also, why Rani Laxmibai, Ahilyabai and Chennama were not forced to sit on pyre? Some exceptions were presented as rules to country of ‘witch-burners’. Caste system was definitely a reality but one has to consider the moral degradation of Hindu ethos under foreign rule over a millennia. If Sati and static caste system would have been proud tradition of Hindus, there would have been large scale riots when law against ‘Sati’ tradition was made and constitution mandated affirmative action for upliftment of Dalits. However,this presentation of a barbaric race tied to devilish customs ensured that Hindus would always be treated like exotic, immoral, superstitious, parochial and backward clown from a circus among European masses. Any sane person might find these institutionalised humiliation unbearable and may consider renouncing his/her faith and nationality as only path to redemption (even if only an act). These Indians used to have a lot of influence back home and these people started the inglorious tradition of deracination by allowing their co-option in foreign designs. Today, same template is used to create pressure on Indian institutions to follow dictats from global cartel with the enlistment of western masses in damaging strategic and economic interests of India.

However, intensity of attacks on India is increasing with rise of economic and military rise of pagan powerhouse. In fact, Hindus are intent on reversing the cycle. They are making grand temples celebrating their faith after destroying Abrahamic structures. They are making a safe abode for a pagan faith which is unheard of. However, what has got the goat of global thought police is the political organisation of a Paganic faith. Abrahamic faiths were always astronomically more backward and shallow than Paganic faiths on philosophical and scientific level, but managed to prevail over Paganic faiths because of superior political organisation. Rise of hindutva is posing most significant global political challenge to mullah-missionary-Marxist hegemony. One has to remember that Aryaavrata has remained world’s economic engine till 17th century. Rise of Hindu India can shook the foundation of Abrahamic world order build painstakingly over 2 centuries. Western media outlets are serving the agenda of global cartel by painting India as an evil power which is not in sync with modern civilization. Ultimate goal is to create a noisy minority forcing western governments to undermine relations with India.

You have to understand their terror. Last time, a pagan faith became politically organised around 800 years ago, it was ruling 70% of known land and 60% of human population. I am talking about Mongols of 13th century. Hindus have awakened and we are on winning spree. We have won against old establishment in Delhi and London. We would defeat them in November 2020 in Washington D.C. There is no stopping now.

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