A great achievement came into the hands of Hindu society because of Pro Civilizational Advocate Arush Malhotra. Advocate Arush Malhotra won case against Aam Aadmi Party liquor Vendor. He got the stay order against an illegal liquor vendor which was proposed to be opened next to Mandir at Paschim Vihar Extension, Delhi.

Earlier a liquor shop was going to be opened next to the mandir at Paschim Vihar Extension, Delhi. Advocate Arush Malhotra made sure that stay order is issued stoping the development. Arush Malhotra argued and referred to the Delhi Excise Rules 2010 and the Building Bylaws. The clause 4.1.6(i) and Rule 51(1) of the Delhi Excise Rules were presented which says that no retail vend of Indian liquor, foreign liquor or country liquor shall be located within hundred metres from any religious place. The matter was argued at length and Hon’ble Court was pleased to grant ad-interim ex-parte stay.Case is yet to be won but initial stay was given which was very important to stop the liquor vend to start it’s operations.

Bharat needs such advocates who can use their knowledge and brilliance to make the Overton window shift towards the Pro Civilizational environment and fight against evil forces like Aam Aadmi Party.

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