The out of job small-time actress, Swara Bhasker seems to be now making her ends meet by posting vitriolic comments against Hinduism, Hindus and Hindutva on social media as propaganda, possibly for some crumbs from Islamist bodies.

On 16.08.2021, she tweeted drawing a false equivalence between the Talibani terrorists and an non-existent imaginary Hindutva terror. Netizens were hugely outraged by this obnoxious tweet which attempts to bail out the horrendous violent inhuman practices of Afghani Taliban like selling women as sex-slaves, imposing Medieval age Sharia rule like stoning women to death for adultery, skinning women alive for trying to earn a livelihood or even pursuing education.

Hindutva is nothing but Hinduness or being Hindu. It is ironical when scores of Afghani Muslims are wanting to find refuge in India to escape the terrorist rule of Taliban in Afghanistan, Swara Bhasker demeans Hindus and Hinduness to Taliban!

Advocate Yukti Rathi, a legal activist at the forefront of fighting hatred and venom spewed against Hindu religious figures, Hindu Devis and Devatas by the Bollywood entertainment industry has filed a criminal complaint with the Uttar Pradesh police against Swara Bhasker for hurting Hindu sentiments and inciting communal hatred against Hindus for the obnoxious tweets trying to draw a false equivalence of jihadist Taliban with Hindutva and trying to imply Hindus as terrorists.

Yukti Rathi points out in her complaint that Swara has deliberately called practicing Hindus or Hinduness/ Hindutva as terrorists and thereby painting Hinduism as a terror philosophy.

She further pointed out that Swara has a criminal mindset and malafide intention towards Hindus and is creating ill-will towards Hindus in the minds of non-Hindus at large by trying to portray maliciously Hindus as terrorists.

Advocate Yukti Rathi further urges the Uttar Pradesh police to investigate whether Swara Bhasker is part of a conspiracy to malign Hindu religion and thus help terrorist organisations like Taliban.

Yukti Rathi seeks a probe on whether any criminal syndicate has paid Swara Bhasker or any of her companies such as Kahaaniwaley Films LLP, Ranga Mati Enterprises Private Limited etc to incentivise her poisonous propaganda against Hindus.

Yukti concludes by saying that Swara Bhasker’s statements in public domain spreads hatred against Hindus, encourages growth of Talibani jihadist mentality in India, fuels communal hatred and violence in mass scale threatening public peace and religious harmony thereby putting at risk India’s security and integrity.

Swara Bhaskar’s posts on twitter likening jihadist terrorist Talibani ideology to Hindutva or philosophy of Hinduness, thus warrants her to be prosecuted for hurting Hindu sentiments, spreading communal hatred, encouraging jihadist radicalisation and inciting large scale communal riots destabilising India.

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