In the medieval era when Islam was spreading at very abrupt pace in the Arab peninsula and snatching lands from the non believers with no strong resistance to their conquest from any other power consequently emboldened them so much that within short span of time a large part of middle east central Asia were under their belt, when the Islam marched towards Europe the Christian Kings realized that to stop the Islam from entering Europe and to recapture the land which they had lost to Islam in middle east, they had to form coalition and therefore they announced CRUSADE to give firm opposition to Jihadist which though able to resist the Islam from entering In Europe but in terms of territorial gains they recaptured only Spain which they lost during the previous wars with Jihadist, but this blow to Jihadist was able to save the Christian of Europe from the fate which the Christian of Persia,Syria etc underwent who were mercilessly killed, forcefully converted, subjugated as dhimmis by jihadist

The land of Europe which Islam failed to conquer by means of Swords even during their spell of glory will now be captured by an Islamic DEMOGRAPHIC COUP which would change the continent’s fate forever and of the Non Muslim residents of it. Till now Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, parts of Macedonia have become Muslim majority state In Europe with Russia adjacent to it also has large numbers of Muslims in absolute terms. In western Europe the Muslim population is on the rise very steadily and there are many factors which had contributed to this the foremost factors among them are large number of Muslim immigrants from North Africa, Middle east countries on the pretext of seeking job, livelihood but their only aim is to expand Islam, many asylum seekers also coming to Europe and the HIGH rate of fertility of Muslims then their non Muslim counterparts.

If we precisely analyse this Islamic demographic coup then you will soon come to the conclusion that influx of Muslim immigrants,high fertility rate of Muslims is not natural but a conscious and well planned act of subversion by the Islamist of the modern era. Lets understand it with some facts and data pertaining to population growth of the European countries.

1 In Britain as per the latest report of Pew Research Center the Muslim population would be three times of its previous number.In terms of fertility rate, the rate of Muslim is 3 which means that one Muslim couple has 3 children whereas the rate of non Muslim is 1.8. The difference of rate is very wide and that is only sole reason why Islam is growing so fast in Britain. In 2018 the report came stating that there are parts of London which are producing 75% of new born babies from migrant mothers (Muslim), this rate of babies produced from migrant mother rose to 28.4% the highest level recorded in last 50 years, as per 2017 figures 33.9% of babies born in Britain have at least one parent born outside Britain. In 1983 Islam constituted about 1% of total population of Britain and by 2018 it rose to 6% of the Britain population. As per 2011 data 1,700 mosques have been built in Britain and if the present trend continues then Britain may fall into hands of Islamist.

2 France has largest Muslim population just surpassing Germany and has about 10% of the total population which are 6.5 million in absolute numbers. As French Govt prohibits revealing data religion wise therefore we will use the figures of pew research center. As per the report the significant rise in number of Muslims in France is due to flood of immigrants entering France especially from 2010-2016 period and it foresee that if the arrival of immigrants would be restricted to large extent and the rate of fertility of Muslims remained same then Muslim would rise from present 10% to 12.7% in 2050 and if the same happens in Britain then by 2050 there Muslim population would increase to 9.7% of their total by 2050. If the flow of immigrants remain the same then by 2050 France and Britain would have 18% and 17.2% Muslim population, the number of mosque in France is close to 2000. French people alleged that 31% population is Muslim, it seems though far from right but the recent incidents of brutal killings by Jihadist in many cities of France tells that Islamist have gained strong footholds in France more than we estimated and politicians need to tell their native people truth about growing challenge of Islam.

3 Germany is too falling in the grip of Islam and has witnessed a significant rise in Muslim population from 4.1% in 2010 to 6.1% in 2016, the fertility rate of Muslim is 1.9 and that of non Muslim is 1.4 clearly showing that Muslims are producing more children and in the forthcoming decades Muslim proportion in German young population would outweigh the others, one of the renowned German Professor has said that Muslims are around 8 million in Germany and soon they would have their Islamic party to play vital role in German politics and election. The most worrying aspect of this problem is the continuous decline in the native German population also and this was even reflected in statements given by German Authorities that fall in German population is no longer reversible and its will become a Muslim state by 2050.

4 In Netherlands Muslims which comprised of less than 1% of total population in 1970s have increased their share to 7.1% in the total population in 2018. The precise data of fertility rate is not present religion wise since Dutch govt believes that religion is a matter of personal conscience and must not be mixed with state affair. Some recent reports have pointed that criminal nature among Muslim youth is 22 times that of non Muslim youth in Netherlands, in the outskirts of many dutch cities like Amsterdam Muslim live in large number though in the center of the city they are very less in numbers. Many Islamist have been caught plotting the terror attack in Netherlands is an indication that they too are facing problem with arising Muslim population.

5 The rest of the European nation such as Sweden where population is increasing due to mass migration by Muslim, the birth rate of Muslim is 2.2 and that of non Muslim is 1.78 the gap is very stark and if no concrete steps would be taken then Islam would soon outstrip others, the Muslim population in Sweden is 8.1% of the total population as per 2017 data. Similarly in Italy as pew research center is 4.1% but official figure is 1.5% which is contrast to the former. Nevertheless it is the largest Minority group in Italy though situation is not bad as compared to France but Islam would soon pose a problem if arrival of migrants is not stopped. In Spain which has been a victim of attacks of Islamist in the recent years has 2.6 million Muslims and they account for 4.45% of the total population. The birth rate is 1.38 of Spain despite the mass migration states that land could be regained by the Islamist if the birth rate keeps on declining. The same is the case in Portugal, Luxembourg with only 1.32 and 1.35 birth rates respectively.

The mass migration of Muslim and considerably High birth rate are the key aspects of their plan to make Europe into EURO-ARAB and the statements given by Islamist GADDAFI reveals their all malicious intentions

Allah has given us the Signs that we Muslims would be triumphant in the Europe without Swords, without guns, without conquest,We don’t need terrorist,we don’t need homicide bombers, the 50 million Muslim will soon turn Europe into a Muslim continent within few decades

– Al Gaddafi

In 1978 London, the conference of Islamic leaders and thinkers took place which asserted that Muslims must become majority and take control of Europe from Non Muslim and put the continent under Islamic rule. The intentions of Muslims is clear that they want to enforce Sharia in the Europe but the even most disturbing that shrinking native population making Non Muslim vulnerable to Islamic rule. No European nation is able to reach the recovery birth rate of 2.1 which is essential to maintain the culture, their fertility rate is ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 which means a decline in native population.

The sounds of footfalls of Islam has again started reechoing in Europe, the recent terror attacks aiming at Non Muslim, passivity of the European politicians regarding this issue with Islamist having their figure on scale would eventually challenge and overthrow democracy and all other Anti Islamic system, tradition, cultures and set of values. The war is not over and by taking suitable countermeasures Europe can stop this Islamic invasion and could shatter dreams of Jihadist to live in an Islamic Europe, if no step is taken then Christian of Europe would soon face the brutalities which Christian of Lebanon had to face who were outnumbered by Muslims in less than a century. The Europeans must increase their birth rate and Political leaders must take steps to stop Muslim migrants and Asylum seekers coming to Europe because remember your life is not at stake but your way of life is at stake if you are unable to produce more children, joint effort of European society and European Political establishment and community is the need of the hour to save Europe from Islamic Invasion.

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