Highlights – 

  • A blow to an attempt to revive the British economy by making a trade deal with India
  • Britain’s Indian-origin Home Minister made objectionable remarks about Indian migrants
  • India has reacted strongly to Suella’s remarks, which is likely to jeopardize the deal

British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s efforts to give life to the British economy by making a trade deal with India have suffered a major setback in the midst of recession in Europe. Britain’s Indian-origin Home Minister Suella Braverman made objectionable remarks about the Indian diaspora. India has reacted strongly to Suella’s remarks. Earlier, the British Home Minister had expressed concern over the trade deal with India and said that it could increase the number of migrants in Britain. She had claimed that Indians constitute the largest number of groups in the UK staying illegally for longer than the duration of the visa.

India has reacted very sharply to this statement of the British Home Minister, due to which the trade deal is now in danger of being jeopardized. Amidst the discussion of this deal, PM Modi is planning to visit Britain next month. Suella said, ‘I have some objections. Look at the expatriates in this country – the group that is staying here even after the visa period has passed, the largest number of them are Indians. India said on this remark that this indecent remark of the British Minister is very shocking and disappointing.

Demand from Britain to increase the number of work and study visas for Indians

India told Britain from behind the scenes that with this statement of Suella, the relationship between the two countries has gone a step back. According to the report of The Times newspaper, India said that there is still a very good thinking about Britain, but if such people remain, then it can spoil the talks. India has also said that the British Prime Minister should publicly distance herself from her Home Minister’s statement so that there is no obstacle in the trade deal. In fact, Britain wants many facilities in trade from India so that it can revive its economy struggling with economic crisis.

On the other hand, India is demanding from Britain to increase the number of work and study visas to Indians in return. A British official said that Indians are so angry that they are not even ready to talk. On the other hand, PM Liz Truss has expressed the hope that this trade deal will be finalized on Diwali i.e. on October 24. Meanwhile, according to the report of The Hindu, it is being said that even after Suella’s comment, Indian officials say that PM Modi is planning a visit to Britain which can be on 7 and 8 November. He also expressed hope that by then this trade agreement will be finalised.

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