A video emerged the day after the Congress party nominated Imran Pratapgarhi for the Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra, in which he is heard encouraging the crowd to kill more non-believers before dying. In the video, Imran Pratapgarhi is heard inciting the crowd against the co-religionists.

The Congress Rajya sabha candidate is heard saying that an atmosphere of fear is being made in the country. Anyone walking down the street is apprehended and killed. Imran Pratapgarhi further says in a musical tone stating that he is opening his heart out in the following sentences, “Naa buzdil ki tarah tum Zindagi se haar Kar Marna, are Imaan waalo zulm ko lalkaar kar marna, kabhi jab bhediyo ka jhund tumko gher hi le toh, agar marna hi pade to 4-6 ko maar kar marna.”

In other words, Imran Pratapgarhi is saying, “Don’t let yourself perish by squandering your life like a fool. Believers, Defy oppression and die. If you have to die when a herd of wolves takes you home, kill 4-6 and die.”

In another video, a boy is reciting “Islam ke khilaaf jo bolega usey gun se udaa denge, Mohammad ko jo bolega usey bomb se udaa denge.”

The source of the video is a Youtube channel that seems to be fully dedicated to Imran Pratapgarhi. However, most of the videos stand deleted after his nomination for Rajya Sabha.


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