Agnipath Scheme, Service Chiefs Announce New Military Recruitment model:  Announcing the Agnipath scheme, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that it will increase employment opportunities. The skills and experience acquired during Agniveer’s service will lead to employment in various fields. Under the Agneepath scheme, an effort is being made that the profile of the Indian Armed Forces should be as youthful as the profile of the population of the country. Check here complete information about who will be eligible for recruitment under the Agneepath scheme and what salary facilities will be available to the youth.

Who can become Agniveer?

For the recruitment in Agneepath scheme, the age of the youth will be between 17 years 6 months to 21 months. The youth will get an opportunity to serve in the Armed Services for a total of 4 years including the training period. Recruitment will be done as per the rules set by the army.

The annual package will be so much – for the Agniveers, the government has announced a retirement fund. In this, in the first year, the youth will be kept on a monthly pay of 30 thousand rupees. With the facility of EPF / PPF, Agniveer will get Rs 4.76 lakh in the first year. By the fourth year, the salary will be 40 thousand rupees i.e. 6.92 lakh rupees annually.

These allowances will be available with, the package Some allowances will also be available with the annual package which will include risk and hardship, ration, dress and travel allowance. If disabled during service, full pay and interest for non-service period will also be available. ‘Service Fund’ will be exempted from Income Tax. Agniveer will not be entitled for gratuity and pensionary benefits. Agniveers will be provided a non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh for their term in the Indian Armed Forces.

Certificate will be given after training, During this period of service to the nation, Agniveers will be trained in various military skills and experience, discipline, physical fitness, leadership qualities, courage and patriotism. After this tenure of four years, Agniveers will be inducted into civil society where they can contribute to the process of nation building. The skill acquired by each Agniveer will be given a certificate to be part of his/her unique resume.

Young Agniveer will become financially empowered with, Sewa Nidhi, will be professionally and personally mature and self-disciplined on completion of four years tenure in his youth. The avenues and opportunities that will open up for his progress in the civil world after Agniveer’s tenure will certainly be a big plus in the direction of nation building. In addition, a service fund of about Rs 11.71 lakh will help Agniveer pursue his future dreams without the financial pressure that usually happens to the youth from the economically disadvantaged sections of the society.

After 4 years, the army will also retain 25% of the Agniveers who will be skilled and capable of volunteering for army recruitment . However, this will also be possible only if there are recruitments in the army at that time. For this, Agniveer, who has completed his tenure of 4 years, will be able to volunteer. Due to this project, the army can also save crores of rupees.

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