Anti-Hindu Riots In Bhainsa on 7 March 2021

A deadly anti-Hindu riots was unleashed with the support of AIMIM at Bhainsa town in the Nirmal district of Telangana on 7th March 2021, this was third such incidence of communal violence in the town in the past 14 months.

Local reports indicated that the dastardly violence was unleashed on the Hindus of the town when an elderly Hindu man objected to reckless motorcycles being driven without any silencers by Muslim youths in Zulfikar colony of Bhainsa town as farmers and other agricultural workers were resting after a hard day’s work and the motorcyclists were creating ruckus and nuisance at 7.30p.m. on 7 th March.

As if pre-planned to use the minor altercation as a ruse the radical Islamists of the area indulged in wanton violence. The violence spread from Zulfikar colony to other areas like Khubeer road, Ganesh nagar, Medarigalli, Batti Galli, Panje Sha Chowk, Korba Galli, Town Bus Stand etc.

There was heavy stone pelting, Muslim youths allegedly burnt down 18 houses of Hindus, two auto rickshaws, one car and two-wheelers. The riotous mob roamed around the streets freely brandishing swords.

Pertinently, in this attack journalists from Enadu and Raj News were injured very seriously. They were rushed to Nizamabad district HQ hospital. At least 10 people, including 3 policemen and 3 journalists were injured.

The BJP state President of Telangana, Sri Bandi Sanjay strongly condemned the violence and questioned the administration and Telangana government to task, asking whether we are living in Bharat or in Pakistan.

The Telangana TRS Government headed by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is accused by the opposition to have abdicated his responsibility to reign in the AIMIM radical goons who unleash terror and violence as the government is in alliance with the AIMIM Islamist party.

Communal Violence A Repetitive History In Bhainsa AIMIM’s Stroghold

Notably, the AIMIM has a strong presence in Bhainsa, where Muslims account to half of the population. Bhainsa had rocked with similar dreadful communal violence in January 2020, on the last day of a 3-day religious congregation by Tablighi Jamaat in district headquarters Nirmal.

As a precursor to this riot too, Muslim bikers troubled local Hindus with loud noise at night and started violence when people objected. At least 13 houses, 24 two wheelers, a car, and a auto rickshaw mostly belonging to Hindus were gutted in the violence which followed. The locals had then reported the presence of a known associate of an AIMIM strongman Jabir Ahmad, Vice-Chairman of Bhainsa municipality and the AIMIM councillor with the violent mob.

Victims of violence and their neighbourhood people complained saying that the violence was linked to Tablighi Jamaat gathering and many outsiders were part of the violent mob shouting “Allah Hu Akbar” and other Islamic slogans.

Pertinently, the AIMIM won the municipal elections soon after the violence in January 2020. Bhainsa also witnessed communal violence in May 2020 after reports of disturbance outside a religious place.

AIMIM councillor Charged With Attempt To Murder And Armed Riot For Recent Bhainsa Communal Violence

Following the violent anti-Hindu riots in Bhainsa in the Nirmal district of Telangana, the police have arrested 22 people, including one sitting AIMIM councillor as reported by the Organiser on 13.03.2021.

As per reports, the AIMIM leader has been charged with an attempt to murder and armed riot. The police has reportedly registered 19 cases against the accused. The police has arrested 21 others for violence that ensued in Bhainsa on March 7.

BJP (Telangana) President Bandi Sanjay reportedly said, “The TRS government, especially Home Minister of Telangana Mahmood Ali, favours only one community. He speaks for his people and makes sure that they do not get into trouble. Bhainsa has faced communal clash even in the past and if the Telangana Government would have taken steps in the past to control the violence, then the recent incident might not have happened in the first place”

Pertinently, the local administration has suspended internet services and imposed Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). The Telangana government has deployed an additional force of 40 officers and 600 police personnel in Bhainsa.

Notably, the AIMIM calls shots in Bhainsa and its radical elements frequently indulge in violent riots unchecked by the authorities as the AIMIM is in political alliance with the TRS. The TRS headed by Chandrashekar Rao gives a long rope to the AIMIM radicals for appeasing the Muslim community votebank this has left the Hindus in areas where they are in minority very vulnerable to attack by fundamentalist Islamists.

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