Ajeet Bharti who is the editor and co-founder of DO politics recently came out with a video on YouTube where he lashed out at the Supreme Court for their inefficiency, corruption and arbitrariness.

Ajeet Bharti came up with a 22 minutes long video where he spoke out against the courts for their inefficiency, corruption and arbitrariness. The words were spoken by Ajeet Bharti but the words carried the sentiments against the apex court for its illfunctioning. Ajeet Bharti in his video lashed out at Supreme Court for its inefficiency to act in the matters of Shaheen Bagh and during the so-called farmers protest. He hit out at the courts for giving senseless judgement against firecrackers and not taking any decision against stubble burning which is majorly responsible for the pollution in Delhi. He highlighted the non serious behaviour of the judgese where a large amount of cases pending in the courts. Ajeet Bharti stressed upon the transparency of the assets of the judges of the courts in order to reduce corruption. He stood in support of the BJP government who is repeatedly trying to get over the collegium system of the judiciary. Ajeet Bharti highlighted many nonsensical judgements given by the Supreme Court of India too.

It must be noted that the Attorney General KK Venugopal granted consent for contempt of court against Ajeet Bharti for YouTube video on Supreme Court following the complaint made by a first year law student.

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