We are told what Islam has given us in our textbooks. The marvels of the Mughals. How amazing Akbar was. However, none of them addressed how Islamic law was put into practice. How did people see women? How jihad was expanding? How many Hindus/other religionists were murdered by the Mughals for their own religion?

In our history texts, it is stated that Akbar is well-liked for his economic policies and administrative practices. While he is regarded as an egotistical ruler who acts according to his own desires. Akbar was praised by liberals as being secular and tolerant, but in our digging into history, he turned out to be completely different.

It has been noted by several scholars earlier especially on social media platforms that Akbar was just another bigot who wanted to crush kaafirs. Fathnama I was issued by Akbar in 1568 after he invaded Chittor and a conducted genocide of 30,000 inhabitants. Akbar issued Fathnama in the month of Ramzan. He issued this letter from the Ajmer Chishti SUFI dargah in which he stated, “Allah gave me the task of destroying wicked Hindu kafirs. At his command, I performed Jihad destroying places of Hindu kafirs. I raised standards of Islam everywhere and destroyed Kafirs by the use of the sword. I destroyed places of idol worship all over India.”

In Muntakhab-ut-táwaríkh by ʽAbd al-Qadir Badayuni, Akbar’s state of reign is mentioned, how he made a living of Muslim women next to hell. During his reign, Akbar the Great imposed a number of difficult regulations that invaded people’s privacy. He made it mandatory for the daughter and sons of common people to reach out to the chief of police before getting married to get their age investigated. This way the officers found a way to ask for bribes and oppress the common people to manage and fabricate information. Akbar made another rule that stated if a woman does not wear a headcover or hijab, quarrels with her husband then she deserves to push into prostitution.

In Muntakhab-ut-táwaríkh, it is mentioned as rule by Akbar, “If a woman was older than her husband by 12 years, he should not lie with her. And if young women were found running about the lanes and bazaars of the towns, and while doing so either did not veil herself, or allowed herself to come unveiled, or if a woman is worthless or deceitful and quarreled with her husband, she was to go to the quarter of the prostitutes, and take up the profession.”


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