Assam police obtained substantial information regarding Al-plan Qaeda’s on Thursday, following the arrest of two Imams from Goalpara district.

According to a top Assam police official, six Bangladeshi terrorists who invaded Assam a few years ago targeted persons in Char regions (sandbars or small sandy islands) and some distant locations controlled by the Muslim minority.

According to evidence obtained by the Assam police, Bangladeshi terrorists affiliated with AQIS/ABT recruited and indoctrinated a large number of persons in the state.

The Assam police have caught one of six Bangladeshi terrorists affiliated to AQIS/ABT, while the other five are still at large and the police are doing everything possible to apprehend them.

Previously, the Goalpara district police arrested two Imams from the lower Assam district who were linked to Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) and Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). They were identified as Abdus Subhan, Imam of Tinkunia Shantipur Mosque under Mornoi police station and Jalaluddin Sheikh, Imam of Tilapara Natun Mosque under Matia police station in Goalpara district.

Two of the six Bangladeshi terrorists had spent the last 2-3 years in the Char regions of Goalpara district.

WV Rakesh Reddy, Superintendent of Police (SP) of Goalpara district, told ANI that in relation to the Jihadi arrest three days earlier in Goalpara, their linkages with the AQIS/ABT modules in Barpeta and Morigaon had being aggressively investigated.

“We then searched their homes and discovered incriminating evidence such as Jihadi publications, books, leaflets, posters, damaged phones, and SIM cards. More interrogation is taking place. We have obtained some proof, which will be revealed later following collaboration with local sources and further inquiry. These individuals had already recruited a number of them into the Al-Qaeda network. We are attempting to apprehend all of them while also informing other districts”, Rakesh Reddy, WV, said

According to the police official, the names of a few localities that have come up throughout the investigation are Char and other areas around Tilapara. Because the case is complicated, police will conduct additional interrogations.

“In the Phakhiura Char area, we located some areas where the absconding Bangladeshi Jihadis had resided in the previous 2-3 years, and we raided those places and found one of those residences where they stayed earlier last year, as well as other things linked to Jihadi preaching.” “We are not only focusing on one area; there may be a few other locations as well,” stated WV Rakesh Reddy.

The SP of Goalpara district further stated that a special interrogation squad has been constituted in Goalpara district and that they are gathering as much information as possible. He also stated that further arrests could be made in the near future.

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