4 Amazing facts about Lord Shiva!

Hinduism is a vast religion with many Gods in it. Lord Shiva also known as Shankar is one of the Gods of Hinduism. He is one of the popular and principal deites of Hinduism. He has millions of followers in India and the rest of the world. 

He is known as Bholenath or the innocent one. While sometimes he is known as Mahakal or the fierce one. With being popular, he is also one of the mysterious Gods in Hinduism. There are a number of shocking facts about him, which many people don’t know!

Today I’m going to tell you 4 shocking facts about Lord Shiva which many people don’t know about him! For much such facts, visit here: Amazing facts about Lord Shiva.

  • As we all know, Lord Shiva is known as Bholenath or the most innocent one. He is generally represented as a calm and cool-minded God in pictures and photos. In most of the Puranas, Lord Shiva is usually known for his innocent nature. But in Vedas, he is described with a slight difference. In Vedas, Shiva is called by the name of Rudra. Rudra means Fierce or anger in Sanskrit. Amazingly, in Vedas, nowhere Shiva finds mention as a calm and cool God. In Vedas, Shiva is mainly described as a God of calamities and cruelties. Contrary to the usual nature of Shiva which we see today, he is described as a cruel and angry God in Vedas and hence he gets his name as Rudra.
  • Lord Shiva is the source of both good and evil. He is a destroyer and he destroys everything. But his every destruction brings a new hope of goodness and has a purpose of doing something much better. Because of this, he is seen as a source of both Good and Evil. Lord Shiva has all three, Sattvik, Rajasic and Tamasik forms. Sattvik forms like Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh are there. Rajasic forms like Grihapati, Umapati, Vishdhar are also there. And Tamasik forms like Aghori, Veerbhadra, Bhairava are also there. Sometimes Lord Shiva also demonstrates some forms which seem to be evil and bad, but actually are Good and pure from inside. The most best example of this Mahakaleshwara. While sometimes, he represents some forms which are beyond any Guna, any Good and Evil. Like Sadashiva and Adiyogi and his Parabrahman Shivlinga form. 

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