There was a news about #delhiriots that 100 crores of rupees came from overseas to the jihadists for creating all the unrest in New Delhi. The same kind of news of overseas fundings to Islamic groups in Hathras case also came into the picture. This is a model that is easily exposed by the police when they start their investigations about any jihadi movement in any country. But, what if a model I tell in which Jihadists take all the money from you only to invest in their Islamic Jihadi agenda and riots.

Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur web series is the same kind of model, where they take all the money from you only to build the customer loyalties and impose the anti-Hindu, pro-jihadi agenda. There is an old model where companies invest money on customers for customer loyalties, but this model of Prime OTT platform helped get its customers to pay them for the customer loyalties. This has also helped them to get all the fundings from their customers only to peddle anti-Hindu and pro-jihadi agendas.

Amazon Prime’s most popular web series Mirzapur has made its OTT platform popular too. Mirzapur web series is made by the jihadi director Farhan Akhtar. It shows how the custodians of Hindu rituals, the Brahmins, are so morally corrupt that they don’t value family relationships. They are characterless. They are criminals. They are everything except the Brahmins. 

The Jihadi Amazon Prime and Farhan Akhtar have bought a new Bollywood ‘bhand’ called Pankaj Tripathi, a so-called Brahmin himself, who is trying to malign the image of Brahmins and Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur. The same Mirzapur has inspired a Jihadi of Hariyana who has killed a Hindu girl for love Jihad. Muslims are beheading the people across the globe for the bare cartoons of their prophet. Now the question is why the ‘bhand’ Pankaj Tripathi, jihadi Farhan, and Amazon Prime are insulting Hindus and Brahmins at the same time when Mullahs don’t even tolerate cartoons of their prophet.

More astonishing is that Hindus are paying Amazon and jihadi Farhan for all this insult in the name of entertainment instead of boycotting these web series and OTTs. Oh innocent Hindus, unsubscribe from Amazon Prime. Tweet to the home ministry and UP chief minister Yogi Ji to get this Amazon Prime banned in India, who are taking all the money from you only to insult your religion, culture, and values. 

Jihadis are investing 75 crore rupees more in Mirzapur-3 and they will get all this money from you only to insult you and your religion Hindus. 


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