Amazon Prime an OTT Platform has been regularly posting Hinduphobic and caste rancour inducing content under the garb of entertainment and freedom of expression. A closer examination of this remarkable consistency in doggedly pursuing content which is highly provocative, derogatory of Hinduism, Hindu religious symbols, poisonously casteist, portraying Hindu characters as evil rapists and murderers of Muslims brings home the truth that Amazon Prime’s India head of Original Content is headed by Aparna Purohit.

Even a cursory look at the social media posts by Aparna Purohit is enough to prove the jaundiced and highly prejudiced views she has against Hinduism, Hindu policemen, Hindu ascetics, the BJP and RSS and provokes class wars . She uses the professional platform provided for producing creative entertainment to promote her toxic ideology of ultra-leftist and jihadi bias against Hinduism and Hindus in general.

The Bollywood had been doing this since independence through its so-called art cinema or parallel cinema which was a device to spew venom against Hinduism, show all Hindu policemen as pervert devils who torture innocent people to death, promoting adultery, drug addiction, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, debauchery, openly sexual content, promoting the idea that Hindu married women are either sexually starved by forcibly being married to men much older than them or by depicting sexual abuse of married Hindu women by their husbands and their in-laws. These so-called art- movies were hardly ever watched by family audiences and were largely ignored by the public in theatres. So, they were thrust on Indian viewers in Doordarshan by airing them late in the night after 11pm, which anyway hardly had any viewership.

Bollywood mainstream movies started pushing the envelope of anti-Hindu, anti-Indian Army contents with movies like PK, Haider, etc. Unfortunately these toxic movies were given CBFC certification despite their blatantly disparaging content which showed Hindu Gods like jokers, Hindu ascetics as conniving frauds and the Indian army as rapists of Muslim women and murderers of innocent Muslim men in Kashmir trying to justify and promote Islamic jihad. This poison was allowed to be peddled despite the CBFC, as it was manned by hand-picked anti-Hindus chosen by the Nehru-Sonia family in the past.

Now with a new dispensation in place which is not ashamed of its Hindu heritage, and their toxic content likely to not pass through the CBFC, the Urban Naxal-jihadi brigade of cinema makers, directors and creative content determiners have moved on to web portals as there was no legal framework in place to regulate the contents of these platforms. The communists and jihadis have historically operated in a way to utilise the freedom offered by liberal society to push their agenda of hatred to create mayhem and atmosphere advantageous to them to usurp power which otherwise no sane civilized society would entertain.

For Example in Tandav:-

Amazon Prime’s latest web series Tandav mocks Lord Shiva and shows him as a devilish joker jealous of Lord Ram’s popularity and utters expletives in English, other than this there are shouts of “azadi” from Bhramanvad (mind you there were slogans like Manu’s followers would be buried alive in JMU, JNU and AMU during the so-called anti-CAA protests) and anti- Dalit dialogues being mouthed by upper caste Hindus which is a sure shot recipe to incite riots. The UP Police, Hindu policemen, is also defamed in the movie by showing them raping Muslim women and killing innocent Muslims in fake encounters.

BJP Leader and social activist Kapil Mishra, Advocate Yukti Rathi has sent legal notices against Amazon Prime’s creative head Aparna Purohit, Director Ali Abbas Zafar, producer Himanshu Krishna Mehra and others. The UP Government has also taken cognisanze of this venomous web series by The CM Yogi Adityanath directing his administration to “prepare for arrest” of the Tandav makers, actors , Amazon’s creative head Aparna Purohit who through this diabolical series aim to spread mayhem in society. An FIR has been filed against all the aforementioned worthies responsible for the making of the descpicable web series Tandav.

Anti Hindu Content Determined in Amazon & Netflix by Aparna Purohit & Monika Shergill

Aparna Purohit and Monika Shergill who are well known ultra-leftist supporters are employed by corporate bodies like Amazon and Netflix to be their creative heads in India. There is a curious promotion of ultra-leftists by corporates by letting them invade all their social platforms so that these leftists do not attack their commercial businesses by strikes and violence in worker-management disputes.

This anti-Hindu bias in these OTT platforms is evidenced from the series like which has been enlisted by a twitter user Ankur Singh @iAnkurSingh which is given below : –

Sacred Games: The biggest underworld Dons of Mumbai are shown as Brahmins Gaitonde and Trivedi whereas in reality the real Dons are Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem.

Mirzapur: In this Hindu characters Tripathi, Gaitonde, Trivedi are shown as the biggest Dons of UP.

Pataal Lok (another controversial show of Amazon Prime): In this Hindu characters Tyagi and Bajpai are depicted as big Dons of UP.

Whereas the reality is the Ansaris are the biggest Dons of UP. Contrastingly, an Ansari is portrayed as a honest police oficial.

OUTIM: Portrays Haji Mastan an underworld don is portrayed as a saint.

Raees: Portrays terroirst Lateef was saving Hindus!

In Pataal Lok web series by Amazon Prime, Hindus are depicted as Muslim bigots. In this series, when a Muslim cop asks for ‘prasad’ the Hindu cop is shown hesitating to give him the prasad as he is a bigoted Hindu charcter. There are scenes where Hindus clad in Saffron chant Jai ShriRam and kill a Muslim man accusing him of having beef in a train. This scene is mischievously based on the Junaid murder case which was portrayed wrongly on the canard spread by the same leftist-jihadi elements in the media which was trashed by the Allahabad High Court.


Notably, Aparna Purohit, the person resposible for approving and commissioning all the venom spewing content against Hindus and spreading hate is the alumnus of the infamous Jamia Milia University, with her peers like Barkha Dutt. Aparna claims to have 15 years experience in Hindi Film Industry and to have worked in the past with Sony and other corporate entities.

Aparna makes no bones about her ideological leanings with ultra leftists-jihadis and this also reflects in the kind of work she promotes in Amazon. Her ideological prejudice against Hindus, Hinduism, political aversion to BJP and RSS can be clearly guaged from her posts in the social media.

Here are some of the screen shots of her posts which have been provided from some social media users:

Aparna in the post below tries to peddle lies by sharing communist rags like the Wire which tried to defame PM Modi to have based his political career by orchestrating riots in Gujarat in 2002 and reproducing the same in Delhi in 2020. It is a well established fact that the Delhi riots in Feb 2020 was an anti-Hindu riots which was planned and excuted by the leftist-jihadi nexus Tahir Hussain of the Aam Admi Party was could with a huge cache of petrol bombs acids and guns in his house. He and his men in fact abducted two Delhi Police officers, tortured, murdered them and even tried to burn their bodies completely. Several Hindus lost their lives, their homes and shops were burnt doown by the jihadis.

On 6 January 2020, Aparna Purohit put posted an image in Facebook which demeans the stature of a duly elected Prime Minister and tries to insuate them to be criminals and musclemen. This was posted by Aparna in the context of the violence in JNU by the leftist thugs on JNU students, which the lefitst brigade wanted to portray as committed by the Saffron party. In this picture Aparna is trying to insinuate that PM Modi and Amit Shah were responsible for the violence in JNU

Aparna in one of her Facebook posts endorsed the views of well known Maoist-jihadi sympathiser, Arundhati Roy (A Christian and neice of NDTV’s Prannay Roy), a dreamer of Sharia Bolshevik rule in India. Aparna Purohit, peddled Arundhati Roy’s rule that India is facing its biggest challenge since independence and the CAA should be opposed at all costs. Aparna notes in her post that “India will cease to exist..” That is she means that if Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is implemented, India will cease to exist. Now, why would a law which facilitates granting Indian citizenship to religious minorities persecuted in Paksitan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan result in harming the nation? These worthies perhaps driven by ISI money do not want this law as it will show Pakistan in bad light and also they are so much Hinduphobic that they want whatever mocro miniscule Hindus left in these neighbouring Islamic states.

Aparna Purohit’s post also shows her supporting Swara Bhasker. Swara Bhasker is alleged to be one of the prime facilitators of the anti-CAA and anti-Hindu riots in Delhi. It is also alleged that Swara Bhasker’s closeness to Aparna Purohit enables her to get roles to act in web series produced by Amazon Prime videos.

Aparna Purohit on 12 August 2019, shared on Facebook another article of ‘The Wire’, a communist pamphelet, which was published soon after Article 370 was neutered which effected in repeal of the controversial Article 35 A and the Constitution of Kashmir which breeded secessionism and jihadi terrorism. The Wire tried to create an atmosphere as though people of Kashmir were being oppressed by the central government and removal of Article 370 was very unfair to them.

Aparna Purohit also indulges in spreading fake news on social media platforms. In December 2019, she posted a series of videos claiming that Delhi Police fired inside the library of Jamia Milia Islamia University. In reality it was the jihadi mobs from Jamia which surrounded several buses and stoned it with passengers inside and set them on fire. They also attacked the police with huge stones injuring several of them seriously. This forced the Delhi Police to take action on them aggressively which was twisted, to create a narrative that the ‘police is firing indiscriminately on innocent protestors and it is gross human rights violations’. These twisted and manufactured stories were promoted to malign India in the international world and ruse to give the jihadis an handle to indulge in rioting, murder of Hindus like they did in Kashmir.

Aparna Purohit was also trying to spread mayhem and confusion in March 2020 when the countrywide lockdown was introduced by the central government as necessitated by Covid-19 pandemic in order to avoid spreading of the disease which is highly contagious with no effective cure. She put up statements like people would die out of hunger than the pandemic. She promoted such mischievous statements when the government distributed large quantities of food for the poor and the needy who were surviving by daily earnings.

Aparna Purohit also posted the so-called environmentalist Rajendra Singh’s statement that Sadhguru Jaggi was a fake Guru. This proves more than anything her biases against Hindus and people who preach Hindu spirituality, i.e. Gurus, Sadhus and holymen. This is why shows or programmes on Amazon Prime approoved and commissioned by her always portray Hindu Gods and Hindu Gurus in poor light and conniving thieves.


An analysis of the self-declared statements of Aparna Purohit in public sphere is enough to show how biased and prejudiced she is which also resonates in the creative work she commissioned as creative head of Amazon Prime. As we are a huge nation with varied people having a diversity of cultural traditions, we are bound to have difference of opinions, but that does not mean it gives a license for blind hatred and gross prejudice against the Hindu community. Just because Hindus form a majority in India it does not mean they forgo their right to practice their religion.

It is high time the Amazon Prime rids itself of such poisonously dangerous bigoted Creative Heads like Aparna Purohit, as the shows commissioned by her are very provocative and pernicious for the society and would lead to mass religious and caste riots plunging the country in anarchy and mayhem. If Amazon Prime itself does not sack these agents of mass murder and riots, then it would financially be strained by a boycott by all peace loving nationalists of India and would also run in to legal troubles

This article is based on data gathered from Opindia and other screen shots of Aparna Purohit’s social media posts forwarded by concerned citizens.

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