The term celebrity in India denotes stardom, brand & a badge of being someone who´s above us commoners. So far, the celebrity status had a halo around a selective few under which these people basked however just like all good things do end, the farmers’ protest has been an eye-opener for these so-called celebrities just like it did for many of us and stripped them of that halo-effect.

We all know that the Farm Bill was passed to benefit the farmers however some people/ political parties with vested interests launched politically motivated campaigns to create confusion, commotion, and unrest by misleading our farmers on the bill which was created to help them in the first place.

Out of nowhere some celebs like Rihanna and Mia Khalifa jumped in to support this unjustified protest despite having zero knowledge of India, leave alone the farm bill. They forgot that this is an internal matter of India and they had no business getting involved into.

While it is absolutely unfortunate the farmers instead of embracing the bill which is good for them were misled to protest against it, the whole unrest did have a silver lining which is to expose the anti-national efforts to use money, power, and network to destabilize India. I really hope that the Indian Govt. takes cognizance of this and implements stricter laws to stop these anti-national elements from entering the country and create further disruption.

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Picture Courtesy : Deccan Herald


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