The image shown here going viral on the internet indicates that the Jihadists and Xians can never win over Sanatan beliefs. The image of lord Narshimha kept in a plastic cane is a complete temple for a Hindu. Netizens reacting to this image say that when your Sanatan beliefs are powerful, you can build a temple anywhere, even with a bare image of God and a plastic cane. And when you don’t have anything, your heart itself is the temple of God.

And IslamoXians think that they can defeat Sanatan Dharma. They must learn from the image above that they can never break the temples of Hindu hearts build for our lord Narshimha, Rama, and Krishna. Though, they have tried their hard for centuries but were defeated and humiliated brutally by Hindus.

One more such story of a Hindu temple built in the heart of a Sanatan Dharma believer is often heard on the internet. The current NSA of India, Ajit Dobhal, told this real story in a lecture at Shastra University. He says that while being on a spy mission in Pakistan, he was caught by a Hindu Dharma believer living among the Muslims. He later took Ajit Dobhal to his home and showed how he worships Hindu deities hiding their images and idols, keeping his beliefs intact. 

Though we have got independence in 1947, Jihadists have never left India. They have taken on the information war. They are still attacking Hindu Dharma tacitly through the education policy, media, and movies. But, they do not understand that if they attack our temples to build Masjids, we will sooner or later take on them. We will rebuild our Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura, and Kashi. 

We will keep our Gods in hearts and plastic canes but will never surrender to any Jihadi and Xian agenda. We will create to defeat them in media. We will beat thier jihadi plans by NEP 2020. We will build new film cities in various places in India to defeat their Jihadi narratives peddled in movies. 

Say Jai Shri Ram…. Say Loudly…. Jai Shri Ram 

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