Yogender Yadav, a kitchen cabinet member of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC and one of the most craftiest stealthy assassins of the class war theories, mints money through fake and carefully fabricated causes to create anarchy in India, so that he and his class war friends aided by the jihadi Islamists and Christian missionary cabal can wrest power in the centre by overthrowing a duly elected government through chaos.

For this, from the time the BJP came to power in the centre under the leadership of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister with massive majority, riding on the increased awareness of Hindus being marginalised and edged out by a anti-Hindu culture and narrative insidiously fed by the Congress and left parties, Yogendra Yadav a communist, funnily a puppet of America’s deep state including the Ford Foundation cabal started striking back through carefully engineered “protests”.

He was one of the prime movers and organisers of the infamous anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi which inconvenience Delhi residents and caused huge loss to Delhi’s economy for over four months last year and culminated in the deadly Delhi riots in late February 2020, is now trying to outdo his performance of creating and fomenting riots and anarchy through the so-called well crafted farmers’ protests.

The mayhem we saw on Republic Day this year in Delhi injuring gravely 400 policemen by his cabal of Khalistanis and removal of the national tricolour and replacing it with a Khalistani flag.

Yogender Yadav along with his national and international network of leftist-jihadi-Christian missionary cabal using the shoulders of Khalistanis who want Punjab to secede from India along with the now out of job Congress, wanting to desperately stay relevant, spread a canard among the people at large and set a fear among the small and marginal farmers that their lands would be forcibly taken over by the corporates by the new Farm Laws enacted by the government.

While in truth the laws only brought in the much needed reforms in the agriculture sector which made the small and marginal farmers slaves of the APMC regime and their registered commissioning agents. The farmers are forced under the APMC regime to sell all their produce at the APMC mandis through the registered mandi agents to whom they have to pay a hefty amount as commission.

The MSP, or the Minimum Support Price set by the government to procure farm products from the farmers never goes to the farmers fully a good 60-70% of it is usurped by the commission agents linked to Jat politicians in Punjab and Haryana.

Many of these large farmers in Punjab also function as commission agents of the APMC mandis. So, the new Farm Laws whose revolutionary provisions free them from the APMC regime and their extorting agents hits at the gravy train of these few thousand rich farmer-agents and their connected politicians.

This grouse of the intermediary middlemen-large farmer nexus who make huge profits at the cost of the small and marginal farmers.

Yogender Yadav on a spree to mislead the farmers tries to mischievously spin the measures of government to curb fleecing of farmers by the APMC middlemen in farmers’ interest as a loss for the farmers!

He tweeted today stating how he wants the Prime Minister to know how the new Farm Laws affected the existing the existing APMCs. He goes on to give some data to state that the total collection by APMC Mandis in Madhya Pradesh as fees has reduced from Rs. 88 crores in January 2020 to Rupees 29 Crores in January 2021.

It is noteworthy that the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are quite happy with the new Farm Laws as they are no longer encumbered by the strangle hold of APMC mandis to sell farm produce to through these extortionary commission agents at the APMC mandis and can freely sell their produce at whatever at any market of their choice.

Yogender Yadav’s mischievous and misleading tweet is given below.


Sanju Verma of the BJP exposed the deception and mischief of Yogendra Yadav of trying to equate a loss of extortion business of the middlemen APMC agents as a loss for the farmers, by pointing out that the APMC mandis in Madhya Pradesh has suffered a loss of income because their income is based on the fees paid by the commission agents of APMC. Since the extortionist commission agents have gone out of business by the new Farm Laws it has reflected in the loss of money earned by APMC.

Sanju Verma thus smartly exposed how Yogender Yadav was actually standing up for the cause of exploiting middlemen rather than the small and marginal farmers whose incomes would only increase by nearly two times as they do not have to pay the back-breaking commissions to these agents to sell their produce.

Moreover the farmers can themselves form a co-operative and sell directly at urban markets or alternatively to agro-based industries by bargaining to get maximum price for their produce without having to pay any middlemen commissions.

The main issue is there a few thousand rich farmers with large farm holdings who also double up as commission agents in the APMCs since income from agriculture is totally non-taxable. So, they take advantage of this moth-eaten system which exploits the small and marginal farmers to enrich themselves through their clout in the APMC mandis and APMC Boards through their nexus with the politicians. Many Congress politicians earn their commissions through these APMC mandi agents cum rich farmer combination, so the whole agitation was first started by these politically motivated and commission making cabal who were later supported with the Khalistani-jihadi-naxals jumping into the fray to start a global narrative against India with a goal to break the nation to smithereens.

Find below the tweet of Sanju Verma exposing Yogendra Yadav who masquerades to stand for farmers’ rights.


Sanju Verma also brought to fore the fact that the Madhya Pradesh government has has reduced APMC Mandi tax by 67%, which has reduced the mandi fees considerably. She also added that many Mnadis in Madhya Pradesh have been onboarded to e-NAM platform. Notably, the central government has completely waived off Mandi tax in e-NAM platform.

Thus, Snju Verma chided Yogendra Yadav to stop trying to be clever by half to mislead people by stating half truths.

The Congress and other national parties if they were true nationalists should have withdrawn from the agitation as it now being funded and run by the Break India Forces, but it seems like in their lust for power or even free funds flowing directly to some big opposition leaders from Khalistani-Jihadi sources, are continuing to attack not Narendra Modi, but India herself as the enemies of the state want.


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