Another day and another expected HINDUPHOBIC article by propaganda site called shethepeople , who claims to be a feminist site which is owned and run by Shali Chopra

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Thsi site all while claiming to a FEMINISt site , demean , mock , berate Honduism , BJP , Kangna every day . So not expected from a liberal , neutral , secular activist . LOL they made a list of all rituals which are sexist, patriarchal , regressive and need to go .

ALL hindu rituals . Even the image carried an image of Hindu marriage(of so called actress Sonam Kapoor) .

Male preists , Kanyadaan , bride being coy , bride touching feet of groom , bride wearing lehanga . I mean i laughed when i red that list .

If the Hindu marriage is happning in india , what was a Hindu women supposed to wear ? White gown ? Never saw you ask why a xtian bride in US doe snot wear a Buqra or a Muslim bride does not weara red lehanga ? People wore clothes are the country they lived in , the tradition . With time thiings evolve and change . Like every other tradition . Indians never ate pizza, burgers , pastas are now eating .

Hinduism has always had female priests , does Xtianity , Islam have female Pastors , Mullas ? Got a spine to question that ?Oh wait you will get “Sar tan se juda “threats , you will be termed Islamphobic , there will be fatwas against you . Christians will file a case against you and you will have to go and issue a public apology . Ask tanmay Bhatt and AIB gang , they are habitual apologizers . In Islam the bride and all women is not even seen in the male area . A male maulvi goes and asks for her consent from a far off area (many times not even bothering to actually hear a consent ) . The muslim bride is almost SOLD for the amount of Mehar . In xtianity a woman is suppossed to OBEY her husband in the vows . Just like Knayadaan, the father of the bride gives away her daughter to the groom (to take care of ) . In olden days women did not work , so her welfare , her happiness was the onus and responsibility of the groom . So Kanyaadaan was taking a wow from the groom to take good care of her daughter . Don’t we even do that today . Even in love marriages , parents , especially father does meet the man and investigates if he will take care of her daughter .Women are working now , earning , they don’t need anyone. These are just rituals . Bride touching feet of husband . I ofcourse did not expect low iq wannabees like you to know that in many cultures men touch the feet of women of all ages . Touching feet is a mark of respect . I touch feet of my elder brothers. Back them husbands were mostly elder to the woman . Not a norm in Hindu marriage rituals.

In many Islamic marriages , a woman is teh second , third or fouth wife , against her wish of a much older man , with many kids . Why is that never discussed. In xtianity cutting a wedding cake symbolizes the impending loss of virginity of a woman . Got balls to discuss that ? Oh wait , you will have a police case against you for hurting sentiments of minority religion . The bride is always walked doen by her father , as pe norms . Why not call that oout loud ? SCARED ?

A bride was coy in olden age as she was going to leave her house forever. Sorry but Makemytrip, flights , Uber and whatsapp are recent inventions. In olden days such technology did not exist , so when a bride got married , she would rarely visit her home and had little communication. I studied in a boarding school and would get very sad in days leading to the day I had to leave for school . Things are different now . With all the video calling , I still get sad when I have part with my nephew as we live in different cities.

NO , no don’t play coy , you are totally aware of the the crap that you write iin your propoganda site . Even you are aware of the anti Hindu nonsense that you type . Just that you need to post Anti Hindu articles , demeaning Hinduism everyday . Else you will lose you woke, liberal , secular accredation.

And who has forced anyone to follow traditions. Do a court marriage . I worked with Infosys where we had to wear formals mon-thur and western formals on Monday. When anyone complained , we were told to leave the company . It was open . I went to a boaridng school where we could not colour our hair, do make up , keep nails . Can’t stick to these rules , don’t join . Simple. Just because you don’t want to follow the rituals does not mean they are wrong and bad or even regressive. All rituals come from thousands of years , from long long ago . Pants and growns were never the de facto clothing for women in India just like Burqa was not the de facto garment for women in European countries or gowns and skirts the garment for women in arabic countries . Even dishes are specific for rituals and not just marriage . Next what , Pulao , Butter Paneer and Chicken curry are so regressive , why can’t we have pasta and Hummus ?

Next time , try and borrow some brains , before posting such nonsense. You are not fooling anyone.In the garb of feminism , smashing patriarchy and uplifting women all you do is bash Hindusim all day while having no GUTS to even speak about Islam or xtiniaty . I dare you . Talk about polygamy , triple talaq, Love Jihad . No you won’t .

Anand Mahindra has invested in such a lie spreading , Hindu bashing site . SHAME.

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So listen Shaili Shopra , no one is buying you crap anyone . your shitty site can keep shitposting Anti Hindu nonsense and we will call it out.

You get abused , mocked and called out on Facebook every day , but yeah no shame . Hum to besharam hai . Woke , liberal , secular , anti Hindu feminists hone ka paisa milta rahe , harama ghar chalta rahe. So expected . But not for long . Watch out for more .

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