Almost everyone has heard about the Jewish holocaust where millions of people mainly Jews were ethnically cleansed by Neo-Nazis in Europe, which is one of the worst genocide the world has seen. Probably many people might not know there are people who deny this Holocaust, they are called the Holocaust deniers; predominately they are from backgrounds like professors, historians, authors, and journalists. They twist the facts and History to sell their narrative.

Similarly, there are Hindu holocaust deniers, like the fan-girl of Aurangzeb, Audrey Truschke, let’s see how she is similar to a modern-day neo-Nazi holocaust denier.

Islamic invaders committed probably the biggest genocide that mankind had ever seen-The Hindu Holocaust, committed by various barbaric Islamic invaders might it be Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmud Ghaznavi, Mohammad Ghori, Taimur, Alauddin Khalji, Akbar, Babur, Tipu Sultan, Aurangzeb, and the list goes on. Similarly, people like Arundhati Roy, Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, or Audrey Truschke, twist the fact and sell their own narrative had twisted facts, tried to hide atrocities, and glorified the bloodthirsty, brutal Islamic perpetrators.

Who is Audrey Truschke? Academically she is a professor at Rutgers University in the US, an author and self-proclaimed “qualified historian” or is she a modern-day Neo-Nazi type Holocaust denier?

Professor Hajo Funke, a professor of politics and culture, at the Political Science Institute at the Free University of Berlin, wrote a detailed research document on a legal case between Holocaust denier David Irving and Deborah Lipstadt who criticized Irving for fabricating facts to suit his narrative. Interestingly Professor Funke described the various angles of the holocaust deniers and how they are connected to the like-minded extremists.

Professor Funke describes in entirety how the modern-day Right Wing Extremist, Neo-Nazi sympathizers presents themselves as an updated version, they are not your typical KKK types burning Cross in front of peoples’ houses but the ‘modernized’ version of the same basic idea and hate. “They pay lip service to a non-racist recognition of ‘other’ ethnic groups, conceptualized as ‘ethno-pluralism’, which is de-facto ethno-pluralistic racism,” which basically means they are the wolves hiding under the skin of a sheep, they might pretend to be pro-Humanity with is bias and hidden agenda of such people is common, which is sheer hate against a certain set of people or community. In Audrey’s case, her hue and cry for Muslims in India is just a tool to spew venom against Hindus and Hindutva, by exaggerating and distorting facts and showing a one-sided story.

Further, he describes the modern-day Neo-Nazis as “they also do not accept principles of Enlightenment and the universal human rights,” an example the Augangzeb’s fan-girl is known to throw a conniption for people in Kashmir and on any random case of lynching, but the fan-girl blatantly ignores hundreds of Hindus lynched in India may it be in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra or anywhere else; neither a word on missionaries like her Father in law committing cultural genocide. She goes blind deaf and mute on issues of ongoing ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Sikhs in Pakistan, and other countries in the South Asia region.

Looking at Audrey’s long history of hate against Hindus, Hindu bashing, hate-mongering, maligning Hindutva, her love and support for ruthless mass murders, anti-Hindu, anti-India lobby, glorifying and trying to whitewash the obliterators. With her bias outcry on Human rights issues and the support for the anti-Hindu anti-India lobby, it could probably be concluded that Audrey is just another example of a modern-day Neo-Nazi supporter type mindset Hindu holocaust denier.

In the second part, we will have a look at her other similarities with Holocaust deniers and which will give all the reason to believe Audrey Truschke is a modern day Holocaust Denier.

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