Endorsing her views, self-declared scholar of ‘Aurangzeb Studies’ i.e., Dr. Audrey Truschke said – “This is absolutely true… And according to gender experts and Mughal-lovers, W in Aurangzeb; stands for Women Rights.”

Audrey has also mentioned in her book that how she time travelled in the 14th century CE and saw Aurangzeb discovering and even generating Oxygen and allowing even the Kafirs in his kingdom to inhale this Oxygen, just for few bucks of ‘Jizya’ tax.

To further strengthen her lies, Audrey even time travelled back to Akbar’s era and visited the Harem of the emperor to see how secular and pluralistic they were in their approach for women empowerment.

Recently, she had gifted a transcript of the book to Ratna Pathak Shah which motivated her to be the second wife of Mr. Shah and surround herself with Black burqa to give a message of feminism and also to save women from global warming.

It was appalling and obnoxious of the journalist to ask such an enlightened lady about observing Karva Chauth fast. She isn’t crazy, to believe in such patriarchal stuffs when she has already been awakened with women empowerment practices of the only ‘true religion’.

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