Mirzapur-2 and The Corrupt Minority Brahmins

Brahmins who are enjoying all this don’t know that these Mullahs such as Farhan Akhtar are creating a History, which later will be shown to the upcoming generations that see how morally and ethically corrupt were the Brahmins.

Paris Beheader’s Allahu And Religion in NEET 2020

It should be a matter of utter shame for Indian media for not calling out the religion of terrorists to stop the mass radicalization. And where the religion must be ignored for the hard work they glorify the religion of that student. Indian media, hypocrites, and self-proclaimed journalists must understand that mere cracking an entrance exam by one hard-working student does not provide the shield to all the radical Islamic terrorists.

The “Doyennes” of Indian Left

Until now, most of the ladies of left ideology found preaching and practicing contrary to a degree of one-eighty. They support selective causes and ignore the instances of people being burnt alive. Sadly, out of ignorance, we have considered them as doyennes.

Shameless Fourth Pillar of Indian Democracy

Media and journalism are certainly a business model, but they must have some ethics. They should behave on a certain code of conduct, which does not seem the case with Indian media. Indian journalists such as Arfa, Barkha, Rajdeep, Ravish, Pranav, Ayyub, Chitra, and news channels such as NDTV, ABP, and Aaj Tak look completely shameless peddling fake news for money and their jihadi leftist agendas.