New York times admits fabricating Their ‘Caliphate’ podcast!

This story and image (Andy Mills and Rukmini Callimachi at the 78th Annual Peabody Awards) appeared in the NPR platform, a leftist bastion, which criticizes it's frenemy the New York Times, which is probably just as leftist and thereby corrupt. The piece is authored by David Folkenflik. Curious readers can read additional coverage here and here. "The New York Times has retracted the core of its hit 2018 podcast series Caliphate after an internal review found the paper failed to heed red flags indicating that the man it relied upon for its narrative about the allure of terrorism could not be trusted to tell the truth".

is there A Doctor in the White House?

“Jill Biden should think about dropping the honorific, which feels fraudulent, even comic.” writes Joseph Epstein in the Wall Street Journal. “Madame First Lady—Mrs....

Guha laments Inaptitude of the fake Gandhis

Ramchandra Guha, a known Gandhi aficionado (the original gangster - Mohandas Gandhi) seems less-than-fascinated by the current affairs of the the Indian National Congress and the inheritors - the fake Gandhis - Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka. Guha makes the same allegations as Obama does in his book about the Gandhis. I am not equating Guha and Obama by any means but their sob-stories have an important common denominator - they are expressing utter grief and sadness for what could have been. They envision India to be still ruled by colonial masters, aka the fake Gandhis and they are lamenting the fact that the INC and Gandhis have made a blunder out of the multiple opportunities they have been given. In a sense, they are crying over the survival of pagans and dharmics despite full-fledged and world-wide efforts to destroy the idea of India.