When 200,000 Muslim children disappeared overnight from Uttarakhand, PM Modi was shocked to see this!

In fact, for the last several decades, children studying in madrasas were being given scholarship from the government exchequer every month. But as soon as the Uttarakhand government asked the bank accounts of these children to be linked with the Aadhaar card number, 1 lakh 95 thousand 360 children went missing simultaneously. So far, the government was distributing scholarships worth Rs. 14.5 crore every year in the name of these missing students. Which has now reduced to only 2 crores.

The secularism of Javed Akhtar

The story related to the film Deewar written by Javed Akhtar is familiar. The hero of the film is a Hindu, an atheist who hates the Hindu religion so much that he doesn't set foot on even the stairs of the temple. He doesn't even touch God's prasad. But the same atheist Hindu hero, has an Islamic religious symbol, the number 786 billa on his arm which he deeply believes in! It's the same billa saves his life when a bullet hits him.

The cosmicity of it all

In fact, the Puranas are not at all to be read as history and geography, nor are they to be regarded as fiction. Pandits who often interpret all the accounts of the Puranas as facts of our three-dimensional space and time do as much harm to the minds of people as many moderns who brush them aside as cock-and-bull stories. They belong to an order different from both history and fiction, though they may have superficial affinities with both.

Open Letter to Prakash Javedekar from Shri RVS Mani on Drugs, Bollywood Mafia and connections with Pakistan

Now about the media and drugs, let me take you back to a story of 15 years vintage. This was narrated by some security personnel. A huge cache of drugs were seized in Delhi in March 2005. One person was arrested. In the said incident an accomplice got killed. That accomplice was the son of very power person in the media. They entire narrative of this killing was changed as an accident of being a hit and run case. The then Minister of I&B spoke to the Commissioner of Police Delhi of the time and personally ensured that not trail is left All this to ensure the deniability of children of elites of Lutyen’s Delhi indulging in drugs. I do not know the details of the persons. I do not want to sully the image of the child who unfortunately is not longer with us. But I am sharing this to buttress my point that no professional area is free of these menace and we need to escalate the level of diligence. The police personnel were also too keen to peddle this narrative as that would mean avoiding a lot of trouble in the sense that unnecessary media attention could be avoided as well as police personnel would be spared of any encounter killing controversy. So they too were too willing to hush up the matter and make it look like an accident.

12 Factors Driving Indian Americans Towards Donald Trump – Survey Reveals

"Every Indian American in the US has a family member back home like old parents, brother, sister, friend, business. They want India to be respected and protected from China, which is what Trump can provide. They fear that without Trump, China would start a war with India," notes the memo, which is playing a key role in the campaign, devising its outreach strategy towards the Indian American community. In many must-win battleground states, Indian Americans comprise a substantial and potentially decisive share of the electorate: 190,000 potential voters in Florida, 120,000 in Michigan, 170,000 in Pennsylvania, 150,000 in Georgia, 110,000 in North Carolina, 165,000 in Virginia, and nearly 470,000 in Texas.

Know everything about Shri Krishna

1) Krishna was born 5,252 years ago as on 11/08/2020. 2) Date of Birth : 18th July, 3,228 B.C 3) Month : Shravan 4) Day : Ashtami 5) Nakshatra : Rohini 6) Day : Wednesday 7) Time : 00:00 A.M. 8) Shri Krishna lived 125 years, 08 months & 07 days. 9) Date of Death : 18th February 3102 B.C. 10) When Krishna was 89 years old; the mega war (Kurukshetra) took place.