Who is this Indian politician and why is she SUPER dangerous to the Indian democracy? She is being labeled as a Terrorist as she is working against the Indian state.

Banerjee is an Indian politician who is serving as the Chief Minister of West Bengal – a state in India – since 2011. Her party is the TMC – Trinamool Congress and in 2011 she defeated the Marxist, Communist Party of India which had a hold on West Bengal for 34 years prior to her victory. Though TMC seems to have parted ways in 1998, Banerjee tows the line and serves her Italian mistress – Antonia Maino, also known as Sonia Gandhi.

Begum Banerjee with her Master – Antonia Maino

Begum Banerjee is known to be at the forefront of leading the tyranny of the minority. Meaning, Muslims – who are by no means a minority around the world are considered to be a minority in a Hindu nation – India. Banerjee is known to be associated with various Islamic and Jihadi groups which are perpetrating violence against Hindus out in the open in her state.

Terrorist Banerjee is corrupt and has been identified to be involved in many scandals – the Narada scam, Rose Valley Scam, Saradha scam – all of which involved money laundering and and undermining of the Central government of India.

Banerjee has unapologetically continued to give preferences to Mullah Jihadis, budgeted for Madrasas which are training grounds for Jihad against Kafir Hindus and funded Jihadi Imams by tax payer monies.

Banerjee knowingly has banned the Hindu Durga Puja festivals while giving preference to Muslim festivals and continues to fund violence against Hindu workers in her state without any repercussions.

Banerjee who is blind with fulfilling Jihadi causes at the expense of Hindu lives has caused the biggest blunders in handling of Covid19. She has openly protected the infected Tablighi Jamaat gatherings and helped hide the Jamaatis from the public eye.

There have been over 108 reported opposition party workers murdered in the open in West Bengal. Begum Banerjee is running a full-fledged Jihad against Hindus and literally getting away with murder.

Where is Begum Banerjee getting the funding to propagate Islamic Jihad in West Bengal, India? This is the million dollar question that every Bharat loving Bengali ought to ask.

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