I recently saw a Facebook video of a young Muslim girl dancing. The girl is dressed head to toe and obviously has a Hijab on but the comments section is appallingly hateful. The Muslim men just could not take it. A few Muslim women tried saying positive things but they got plenty of hate messages. Here is the reference incase anybody wants to see how Islam prohibits anything that could bring joy to a girlhttps://www.facebook.com/107122507497705/posts/235928651283756/?vh=e&d=n

Somehow, I am unable to get the image of this little girl out of my head. All she did was dare to dance and share her joy. Why is that so terrible and why would that make Allah unhappy? Does Allah not want his people to be happy?

And, that made me pause and think on how hard it must be to be a woman in the Muslim world!

You do not have any rights – you are a man’s property. Your age does not matter. I will do what I please with you whether you are 10 or 20. Alhamdulillah – Praise be on Allah!

You must cover yourself from head to toe for you might incite lust in a God fearing man. You do not want to bear the consequences of that, so do not tempt me. Again, age does not matter as I could get tempted by a 2 year old. Wallah, I must save my lust for the 72 virgins who are waiting for me in heaven.

Did you want to sing or dance! Lanat on you and your family and yes “Lanat” is the Muslim man’s favorite word to use for these shameless harlots who dare to defy. Lanat means praying to Allah to keep a person far from His Mercy. After all, Allah is The Merciful; you need to pray to remove these shameless people from his mercy.

You cannot do anything that may bring joy to you. It is completely un-Islamic as Islam forbids anything fun. Just keep reading the satanic verses and pray 5 times every day and May peace be upon you!

If I am not happy with you, I can simply say talaq (divorce) 3 times and throw you out on the streets. You cannot do anything because I am a God fearing man and Allah is on my side. I can have multiple wives but how dare you question that? Glory to Allah the kind and merciful!

If you defy me, I will have you stoned in public. I might even throw the first stone to make an example out of you. Your children can participate too, they need to learn early how to treat women.

When in doubt, remember there is no God but Allah who knows what each man secretly desires – the 72 virgins! Allah does not care about women as they exist only to please the men in this life and beyond.

I can go on and on but you get the point. So, I really feel sorry for all you Muslim women who despite being treated as chattel defend Islam. Oh wait, I forgot that if you say anything bad about Islam, there is a thing called Fatwa to keep you all in line. And, there are your God fearing menfolk who leave no chance to bully you into submission. Just look through the comments section of the video of the girl who dared to dance.

I still think you are very brave for bearing all this with a smile on your face and lies on your lips about the joys of being a woman in a Muslim world. When you die, for your sake I hope you go to a separate heaven instead of getting transformed into the beautiful virgins just to service your God fearing men again. I hope Allah the fanciful will show some mercy.

May peace be upon your pitiful existence!

Food for thought-

Had Allah been the creator, the one true Merciful God, he would never have commanded slaughter of people of other faiths. There would be more respect for all life (humans and animals). Muslim women would have a better place in society. Islamic countries would have been the most peaceful and prosperous places on earth.

Since none of the above is true, you have to question if Allah really is the one True God ? Is he a God at all? He seems to be Allah the Merciless for there is no mercy for Kafirs or even for Muslims who falter from the path set in Quran. Perhaps there are other Merciful True Gods and Muslims are scared to acknowledge that as Allah the merciless seems to rule with an iron fist!

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