The brutal violence and genocide by TMC criminals unleashed in West Bengal as an aftermath of the assembly elections claimed one more life yesterday. News came in last night that, Debabrata Maity a BJP worker succumbed to injuries suffered by him yesterday after he was brutally attacked by TMC criminals on May 3rd, the next day after the election results were announced. He was hospitalised and critical since then. The news was broken by TV9 journalist, Anindya Banerjee on twitter.

Nandigram BJP MLA Suvendu Adhikari tweeted his tribute Debabrata Maity. Suvendhu stated in his tweet that, Debabrata Maity, a resident of Chillogram village was targeted by Trinamool Congress (TMC) sponsored goons and seriously injured him. He died on May 13th at the SSKM Hospital.

Suvendhu Adhikari also said in his tweet, ” Shri Debabrata Maity was a voter in my constituency Nandigram. Was. I am in disbelief even in using this word. Is this the consequence of exercising one’s franchise? He was killed for the crime of using his Constitutional right to vote. Numbed beyond words at this senseless violence”.

Suvendu Adhikari tweeted that he prays for the departed soul and stands by the victim’s family in this hour of grief. He also visited the victim’s house and paid respects to him.

Post-poll violence and targeted genocide of BJP workers and voters across West Bengal by TMC goons has left at least a dozen of them dead, women sexually assaulted, houses and shops burnt. There is complete anarchy in West Bengal, with the state administration looking the other way when mayhem is unleashed on the streets of Bengal in broad daylight by the ruling party criminals.

Around 80,000 Hindus have fled from Bengal to neighbouring Assam to save themselves from the marauding TMC criminals. In many Muslim dominated districts of Bengal, Islamists are using this as an opportunity to unleash terror on Hindus, forcing them to flee from their forefathers land.

Yesterday, West Bengal Governor, Jagdeep Dhankar visited post-poll violence affected areas in Cooch Behar, West Bengal and gave scathing report on the devastation and loss caused to citizens due to political violence unleashed by TMC goondas. He also took to social media and tweeted about his findings.

It is surprising that both the judiciary which is normally very sensitive in ensuring right to life and human rights of even convicted terrorists like Yakub Memon is completely silent on the plight of victims in Bengal and complete failure of state machinery in West Bengal. Likewise the Central government led by BJP has done precious little to save its own workers and voters from genocide in Bengal, except for some photo ops and MK Gandhi like “Kadi Ninda” and “Dharna” stunts.

In this scenario, Bengal needs to draw inspiration from its hallowed leaders like Gopal ‘Patha’, Tapan Ghosh and throw up a leader who is capable to defend his/ her own community from annihilation as Self-Defense is Divine Right and Dharma.

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