Pratik is a practising Chartered Accountant by profession and was also ideologically associated with Bjp parent organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh since childhood. He is intellectually very strong and had been back bone of Bjp Maharashtra Social Media.

Before joining Mumbai Bjp, Pratik was Co Convenor of Maharashtra Pradesh Social Media Cell. His performance got attention of Sr. Bjp leadership of Maharashtra and now is rewarded with elevation as Convenor of Mumbai Bjp. He is also been selected as a member of BMC education Council. He is an active member of Rashtriya Patrakarita Kalyan Nyas which is platform for welfare of journalists.

After taking charge of Social Media Convenor of Mumbai Bjp, Pratik said ” None of the respected people in other political parties who hold similar positions are from karyakarta background like his. A samanya party worker like me who comes from a middle class family is given such a huge responsibility. This is the uniqueness and differentiating factor of BJP “ He said that his sole aim is to set a very positive narrative about BJP for upcoming BMC election and ensure victory of the wards which were never won before.

Krunal Goda and Pallavi Tamhankar have been selected as co-convenors. Both these co convernors have good intellectual background with Social Media presence and aggresively defends BJP online.

Suresh Nakhua has selected as spokesperson Mumbai Bjp. He is very known face and regular on Telivision debate. Its because of his Social Media reach and debating skill party has again entrusted him with the position of Bjp Mumbai spokesperson .

The list of executive members has also been announced by the BJP and is attached here.

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