Attack on DCP Amit Sharma was planned by the same group on 16th February itself

Whatsapp chat of Safoora zargar and AAP leader Athar Khan

Local muslims opposed plans of Violence

Meeting was organized on 16 February night at 2 am where violence plan was finalized

Same place constable Ratanlal was murdered during riots

Whatsapp chat of Safoora zargar is accessed by Delhi Police. A simple look at whatsapp chat reveals that Delhi Riots were planned well in advance by Jamia Action Committee and people like Tahir Hussain, Umar Khalid, Khalid Saifi etc.

One of chat message goes like this : Safoora – Shehzar Chup ho jao..Saara plan yahi likh doge toh execute kya karoge…

Whatsapp chat reveals that local muslims were opposing the Royal blockade , so Safoora zargar transported women from Janhangirpuri to North East via Shaheen Bagh to evade police detection. Since locals were against initiating violence, protesters were brought from outside to start violent riots.

Athar Khan, Aam Aadmi Party leader from Chand bagh and member of DPSG Whatsapp Chat group had organized a meeting of all protest site leaders of North-East in the night intervening of 16th & 17th Feb. 2020 at 2 am.

In the meeting, a plan was hatched to escalate protest sites to next level.

They hatched a plan to move the protesters to move from protest sites which were in Muslim dominated areas to pre-designated spots on arterial roads which spread in mix population areas at a pre-decided time.

These roads were to be completely blocked i.e. “CHAKKA JAAM”.

CHAKKA JAAM will be followed by engineering riots involving attack on police and then on public and damage & destruction of public and private property by arson and vandalization by using firearms, petrol bombs, acid attacks, sharp edged weapons, stones, chilli powder etc.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Athar organized this meeting in the dead of night at 2 AM.

Owais Sultan Khan & few others gate crashed it and became aware of the sinister design.

Owais Sultan, being member of Whatsapp Chat group, opposed it in the chat group.

But his voice was silenced by the conspirators.

Conspirators went ahead and organized the riots from 22nd Feb. 2020.

As per their plan, DCP Amit Sharma was attacked and almost killed by protestors at Chand Bagh. Constable Ratan Lal was murdered by the same mob at Chand Bagh. Later on Tahir Hussain and his goons killed IB officer Ankit sharma.

This was all planned well in advanve.

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