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Bihar elections are coming and we all know that we are going through a pandemic of coronavirus.

All people dont live in the cities where they have to vote.Many work in different cities.Some have even shifted with families but their voting address are still same.Earlier people used to go back to their cities to vote but now many are afraid of corona.Rare people will risk their life to vote and travel from one city to another in a public transport(everyone cant afford private vehicles).

In this situation how can a person from other city vote?What is the solution?Its POSTAL BALLLOT.If the election commission makes the facility of postal ballot available for common citizens it can boost the voting percentage alot.And it is just not about bihar elections,its about all the elections that will take place during pandemic.

The government and the election commission should think about it and help the people to practice their right to vote with safety and ease.And right now safety from coronavirus.

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