The CPM true to its Fascist murderous style of politics has again attacked BJP candidate of Ambalappuzha assembly constituency in Kerala.

Anoop Anthony has been reported by the Organiser to be brutally attacked by CPM murderous goons yesterday evening during his poll campaign.

Anoop was so severely injured in the attack that he had to be hospitalized immediately. Anoop was attacked at Mullakkal in Alappuzha district. Anoop is also the national secretary of Yuva Morcha.

Following the brutal attack on Anoop, the BJP workers staged a huge protest against the unprovoked attack on BJP’s candidate and the inadequate police protection to BJP candidates from CPM’s famed murderous goondas.

The communist party is famous for its scant respect for democracy and conducting of free and fair elections wherever it is in power or in commanding position. The Election commission should take a very serious note of the brutal attack on BJP candidates by the CPM goons with a view to restrain the BJP from effectively campaigning for its candidate’s success in elections.

Such brutal attacks by the communist party goons on candidates from opposition parties also smacks of trying to terrorize the electorate to vote for them as it is an indicative trailer to all those voters who vote for the BJP of the impending violence they might face in their exercise of democratic right to vote for the party of their choice.

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