The BJP Karnataka Chief Minister, BS Yediyurappa wrote a scathing complaint letter to the Oxford University to address the problem of Hinduphobhic harassment of student Rashmi Samant at the University.

He raised objections against the severe attack faced by Rashmi Samant hailing from Karnataka and her parents by members of the faculty at Oxford University.

He wrote, “The recent attacks on her (Rashmi Samant) and on Indian tradition by few members of the University are highly objectionable and discriminatory.”

He pointed out in the letter that even her parents who reside in Karnataka are being targeted and stalked on social media for their Hindu faith by the Oxford University faculty member Abhijit Sarkar. He wrote, ” This is a very serious concern and as the Chief Minister it makes me worried about the well-being of our students.”

He wrote, “Post-doctoral researcher at New College, Oxford, Abhijit Sarkar, Stalked Rashmi Samant on social media attacking her and her family for their Hindu faith. He defamed coastal Karnataka by calling it an Islamophobic region.”

The Chief Minister cited that the 1981 declaration of the General Assembly of the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission Art.2 (1) states: ‘No one shall be subject to discrimination by any State, Institution, group of persons or person on the ground of religion or other belief”.

He stated that Indians rank second in the number of overseas (non-EU) students in the United Kingdom. He further stated that, Government of Karnataka in 2019, donated in the memory of sociologist anthropologist MN Srinivas, who studied in Oxford in the 1940s to establish a professorship in Anthropology.

The Chief Minister through his letter urged the University of Oxford to ensure safety to Rashmi Samant and her family and demanded stringent action on people who are harassing her.

Notably, Rashmi Samant became a target of Hinduphobic attacks by anti-Hindu leftist propagandists after she became the first female Indian elect of Oxford Students’ Union on February 11. She was targeted for being a devout Hindu having pride in her cultural and traditional identity. She was also targeted for her strong views against British imperialism and colonial oppression of India. Even her parents were not spared they were harassed for having Lord Ram’s image in their social media accounts.

It is very heartening that the Chief Minister of Karnataka has taken up the cause of rabid Hinduphobic harassment of Rashmi Samant in Oxford University by the leftist cabal of faculty and students there who target Rashmi for not being a devout Hindu and not espousing bogus leftist views.

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