Amravati, June 18th: The Andhra Pradesh unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is planning to oppose the setting up of Tipu Sultan’s statue in Proddutur town of Somu Veerraju district.

In a statement, Andhra Pradesh state BJP chief Somu Veerraju said that BJP is opposing the plan to erect Tipu Sultan’s statue because it ‘hurts the sentiments of Hindus’.

“Andhra Pradesh BJP is opposing the plan to erect the statue of Tipu Sultan in Proddutur town of Kadapa district. The local Muslims and MLA are trying to erect Tipu Sultan’s statue. Hindus feel that their sentiments are hurt with the attempts to erect the statue of Tipu who had slaughtered a huge number of Indians,” the BJP leader said.

Veerraju further said that Proddutur town is synonymous with communal harmony, and erecting Tipu Sultan’s statue may lead to tension in the area.
“Local BJP leadership is apprehending that such action may lead to a law and order situation,” he said.

Further, the BJP leader claimed that Tipu Sultan is “not greater” than former President APJ Abdul Kalam “who had done great service to the nation.”

“Instead of Tipu Sultan’s statue, Abdul Kalam’s statue should be erected. The statue committee and prominent people of the town should rethink and erect the Abdul Kalam statue,” he demanded.

News source: ANI , Title changed.

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