The US secretary of the states Antony Blinken visits India in the last week of July 21.

During this high profile visit, Blinken held talks with his Indian counterpart Dr. S Jaishankar, India’s NSA Ajit Doval and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For the most part Blinken talked soft, praised India for its democratic values, showed a bubble of 25 odd million dollars in aid towards pandemic relief, assured India of some visa reliefs and of furthering the cooperation in the volatile Indo-pacific region, talked tall of US-India ties as he went on playing the great American tactics of undermining the Indian state underhandedly – it’s always the same old classic American tactic of forcing itself into the domestic governance system of the nation in question particularly the nations, US considers as “weaker”, which I must say Blinken did more artfully than any of his predecessors.

What is the “Great American Tactics” – it is to identify, reserve and from time to time keep crafting at least one soft spot of undermining the ally nation.

By its very foundational policy, the American Deep State believes that at one point in time during bilateral alliance the ally nation will run dry of American interests or overlap/contradict them. And then the American Deep State will employ this already reserved and well-cemented tactic to its full use to undermine the now alienating ally. Holding the ally hostage to American whims and fancies. You see eo-ipso the alliance with the US may or may not be of consequential nature, but getting out of it always is. The US has played this tactic with USSR, Yugoslavia, every single country of Central America, almost all countries of South America, countries of Africa and needless to mention, many countries of Central Asia & Middle East.

The Indian diplomats must not receive this visit of Blinken with a credulous attitude as America does not have permanent friends (certainly not India), it only has permanent interests. America is known for going to all lengths to have its interests served, from offering financial aids to indulging in histrionics to threatening and invading, as and when, what suits them best.

As it is, it’s time for Indian diplomats to be more concerned also to be more vigilant as the US is winding up it’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than anything this wrap of decades old American wars signals the start of a new war in a newer location under some fresh pretexts of “Democratic Values”, “Human Rights”, “Equality” and “Supporting A Free, Open & Progressive Society” etc. Burma could be the next victim of the US as it perfectly fits in the America’s invasion format or may be the US is gathering its might to launch the offensives against China. Whatever it may turn out to be, India should be excluded from it. India must continue to maintain its international neutrality as the neutrality best serves India’s global interests.

“Alliance With The US” mostly means “The Trap of The US”. Indian diplomats must play as carefully with the US as one does with the fire.

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