The film, a product of Dharma Productions is said to be Bollywood’s most expensive estimated to be over Rs. 410 Crores.

The film was initially reported to have collected a bare Rs. 37 or so crores though Karan Johar – the lead at Dharma Productions unilaterally declared an imagined worldwide box office collection to be over Rs. 75 crores.

According to the Deccan Hearld, “Ranbir’s comment from several years ago that he ate beef came back to haunt and protests broke out last week when he and wife Alia went to Ujjain’s Mahakal temple. This gave impetus to the #BoycottBrahmastra calls trending on social media. But that clearly hasn’t happened and Brahmastra is set to become a mega hit like spectacle South films such as Pushpa: The Rise, KGF: Chapter 2 and RRR.”

Golmal he bhai sab golmal hei

Some trade analysts, *cough* perhaps having been wine and dined by Dharma team are claiming that Brahmastra has hit a net collection of R. 100 crore after having made Rs. 75 crores in the first two days as shown over 5000 screens.

What screens and what audience, one might ask?  Reports from around India and major cities around the globe are showing empty seats giving us eerie feelings of a complete disaster.

Who then is watching the film for it to have grossed so much $$?  Who is making the film a hit?  It must be the aliens.  The aliens must be filling the theaters on Earth in invisible forms!  That must explain what Karan Johar is boasting about.

The numbers then are not pulled out thin air or from his fat behind, they surely must be a result of Brahmastra being a hit everywhere in the universe except for planet Earth.

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