We see that Communists and Jihadis have come together. This has happened not just in India, but at a global level. Millions of Muslims come to street when the French President comments that “Islam need to reform” but no murmur is heard amongst the Muslims themselves on Chinese atrocities on Uighur Muslims. Even Pakistan doesn’t speak a word.

Lets understand, what’s the reason behind the unholy nexus.

First reason is ideological:

  1. Both Communists and Jihadis are anti-democratic. We have seen many Jihadists claiming that Islam and democracy are incompatible. And when communists grab power they destroy the multi-party system and make the communist party supreme.
  2. Both communists and Jihadis love one person dictatorships. We see most Islamic countries are dictatorships and after Communist Party stays in power for a while, one person rule becomes the norm – for e.g. North Korea. China is on same path.

Second reason is economical:

  1. It is seen, in both type of regimes corruption is extremely rampant. Both communists and Jihadi political systems are “One person Rulers”, it becomes possible for the people close to the dictator to reap all economic benefits. For e.g., in China, no Industry can survive if it doesn’t have enough blessings from the Communist Party. In Iran, one needs to be close to the Mullah/Clergy for doing any business. Same is the case with Russia. Due to lack of check and balance, a corrupt economic system which is called “Plutocracy” has become the norm in all such countries.
  2. Both believe in exploitation. China at one point wanted to destroy the entire Indian industry and dump its goods in India. Had Modi Govt. not come in right time, India would have become an economic colony of China. In Islamic countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, state repression on its own population is very high.
  3. The nexus rests on 2 poles. One pole is communist (i.e. China, Russia etc.) and Other is Jihadi (Iran, Syria etc.).
  4. Communists derive their strength from the manufacturing ecosystem/technologies they have created. Jihadis derive their strength from the Oil Money.

What is the way to break the nexus? The easiest way is to strike at the nexus economically. How?

  1. We need to find a viable alternative to fuel. The free world including India needs to expediate research on Electric vehicles, Fuel Cells, Fusion energy – what ever is needed to reduce the dependence on Oil.
  2. Indian strategy of high taxes on Oil is actually good. That would make EVs commercially viable and we see many startups doing research on battery technologies and electric vehicles. Probably, that’s the reason why media is highlighting the issue of high oil prices – they know that EV technology is very close to a breakthrough. The powerful Oil lobby knows that once EV become tenable, the Oil economy will collapse.
  3. Need to develop India and other countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico as alternate manufacturing destinations. This will break the monopoly of China and the communists.
  4. The free world needs to unite against this axis. “QUAD” is a good initiative. More such initiatives need to be created.

We need to realize that the Communists and Jihadis who were once dead enemies have now united. It is high time that we break the axis. Or else the entire world would be in trouble.

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