In February 1570 a 300 BCE Greek maths book called ‘Elements’ was translated into English for the first time by Henry Billingsley. Since then, millions of people have been taught Euclidean geometry. However, because of Billingsley and other Englishmen, primary school maths is taught incorrectly to students today.

Despite the maths of ancient Bharat being built for positives, negatives and zero, the British built basic maths on Greek foundations that did not have these ideas. Sadly, the British Empire exported its bad maths explanations to its colonies and settlements as part of a Church-based propaganda drive to disempower indigenous cultures it sought to dominate.

Put simply, the world has never understood how to correctly explain the four basic operations (+ – × ÷) on positive and negative numbers. The aftermath has seen schools inflicting fear, failure, and suffering upon children deserving Bharatiya Maths. According to Mensa, there may be 50 lakh child geniuses in India. Sadly, many may never know their true potential because they are not being taught Bharatiya Maths at school.

So, after 450 years, is it time for the world to Brexit Britain’s failed arithmetic education and return to the best zero-based simple and scientific explanations of ancient India? If you say ‘Yes!’ then the first step to decolonise and disinfect schools infected with inferior Macaulay Maths, is to sign and share an online petition at

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