Baffled by the unsuccessful attempt to include Alliance for Persecuted People World Wide (APPWW) in the resolution 1534 at Redmond City Council, a Failure meeting was organized by Coalition of Seattle Indians and attended by Democratic party Chair of King County, the three Redmond council members, and left leaning faith members to discuss the failure to include APPWW in the resolution. Interestingly, Coalition of Seattle Indians (CSIA)  which is a Facebook group with far left extreme radical views. This group has a history of activism on anti Hindu opinions and Hinduphobic rants. There is a documented history to prove that this group indulges in hate against India and Hindus who are Pro India by promoting hate content to divide the Hindu community. The  meeting was launched by Ms.Aneela Afzali of MAPS ( Muslim American of Puget Sound) who spearheaded the campaign to condemn APPWW but fell short to name the organization in the resolution. 

Lies and Hatred of Deepa Sivarajan

Interestingly, Ms.Deepa Sivarajan of CSIA claims that she is a Hindu (name sake) but the question is whether she ever understand Hindu rituals or traditions. Born and raised in Western Washington, a woke Liberal Queer with absolutely no religious views. Having said, she was appointed as a member by the City council on the 21 member LGBTQ committee until Dec 31st 2019. As we connect the dots, She has arranged various activism against abrogation of India’s Article 370 last year and sided with Pakistani community claiming that Article 370 is against LGBTQ community. While we understand she is a woke from American soil, her knowledge on Indian politics is limited to absolute zero. Her activism was not limited to that Kashmir Issue but She was also involved with Socialist/Communist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant’s resolution against India’s Citizenship law. It is rather absurd to point out that, these resolutions by a city council hardly have any impact on the biggest democracy on the planet as this city council has zero jurisdiction over the Government of India. 

Pieter Friedrich and Deepa Sivarajan having a Tweet spreading a wrong message about LGBTQ related to India’s CAA

Pieter Friedrich and his Association with Deepa Sivarajan

One thing to note here is that, She has good rapport with Pieter Friedrich who basically, a Hindu baiter and personally hates people who practice Hinduism.. His motives are dangerous with an ante against Hindu community and India. His association with Organization of Minorities of India (OFMI) is more than advocacy and as well writing hateful articles against India and Hindus. As per report published on Hindu American Foundation (HAF) ,  “OFMI was founded by Bhajan Singh Bhinder, who was the subject of an undercover United States Customs Service investigation for trying to purchase C-4 plastic explosives, M-16s, AK-47s, grenade and rocket launchers, and Stinger missiles in support of the Khalistan terrorist movement in India. The two individuals who are most frequently quoted as speaking on behalf of OFMI are Bhajan Singh Bhinder and Pieter Friedrich. Bhinder has also reportedly served as a spokesperson for Sikh Youth of America, a radical organization that glorifies Sikh terrorists and has alleged ties with the International Sikh Youth Federation, a US Department of State designated terrorist organization under E.O. 13224.” Friedrich himself has been documented verbally harassing Hindu American children and their parents peacefully waiting in line to testify at the California State Board of Education. He also testified several times at the California State Board Education between 2015-2017 denigrating the Hindu religion, Hindu American activism, and promoting the inclusion of negative stereotypes on Hinduism in California textbooks. His strong views on Khalistan separatist groups like Sikhs for Justice which is a banned organization in India apart from OFMI seeks a separate country for Sikhs and advocates for Referendum 2020. The Canadian Government categorically mentioned that it rejects the referendum 2020.

Pieter Friedrich wants Gandhi Statue to be removed and attributed him as Racist..

He along with the Khalistan group marched into Chicago’s Central park in June 2020 and demanded to remove Gandhi Statue attributing Gandhi as racist and a Hindu. He also wrote a book on Gandhi ” Gandhi a Racist or Revolutionary”. His mindset reveals his immense hatred on Hindu community. The contrary is that Deepa Sivarajan talks about hatred and says no place for APPWW in modern society but her association with Pieter Friedrich could reveal how racist could a person can go to the heights of hypocrisy and use her religion to defend herself. Her presence with Pieter Friedrich in Seattle council on the day of passing a resolution against India’s CAA shows, how closely connected, to denounce the fast track citizenship to Dalit Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Parsis and Buddhists. She also indulged in spreading a wrong message to LGBT community that India’s Government hates homosexuals in the name of India CAA and abrogation of article 370. It is a disgraceful on Deepa Sivarajan to be a Queer member of LGBT community for misleading the facts and creating a hatred against India. Her deliberate wrong assertion to showcase abrogation of article 370 is harmful to LGBT community is exactly the opposite.  In fact after the abrogation of article 370, Supreme Court ruling of section 377 to decriminalize LGBT community is auto implied to Jammu & Kashmir. Earlier and prior to Aug 5th 2019, it was an offense to be a Homosexual in Jammu & Kashmir. Now, as a Queer leader, she can come up with a Pride March in Kashmir which is permissible as per Indian Constitution.

Ms. Aneela Afzali and Ms. Varisha Khan holding a placard with a wrong message showing Hindutva as derogatory while she herself is a conservative muslim.

Ms. Afzali’s Hatred beyond thinkable

Apart from this, Ms.Aneela Afzali, an Afghan born conservative muslim and Director of Muslim American of Puget Sound (MAPS) who prefer to wear Hizab all the time to respect her traditions but failed to acknowledge the fact that thousands of Sikhs and Hindus were persecuted and killed by Taliban Muslim fundamentals in her own country. She allege that APPWW is anti muslim  but as we look at an event that  APPWW organized on Baluch Muslim community and their plight during COVID, many muslim leaders and human rights activists participated in the event including Pakistani-Canadian Tarek Fateh spoke on various issues related to Human rights in the area and the event is exactly as per the mission statement of APPWW. Thus, there is an every documented evidence to showcase that APPWW worked with muslim community across the world to discuss the persecution and it is certainly not an anti muslim organization as Ms Afzali claims. The interesting aspect is that, she also participated in activism to pass a resolution against India’s Citizenship Act that gives fast track citizenship to persecuted minorities of islamic nations. Her opposition to India’s CAA shows a mind of insecurity and hatred against Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Parsi, Jains who benefit with fast track citizenship apart from gaining various government benefits. She Peddled lies with hatred on Indians and Hindus  who supported Indian Government as Hindutva and named it as derogatory, likened to Nazi. Her assertion and support on lies saying 200 millions Muslims in India will lose citizenship when India’s CAA is implemented is rather an absurd statement. On a contrary, till date, No single muslim lost citizenship. Probably, India can grant her citizenship based on the merits as per the Citizenship act 1955 when she applies. Interestingly, she frequently discusses Dalits but she ever thought about how CAA helps in getting fast track citizenship to Dalits who are Hindus from islamic countries for centuries had a persecuted life.. Indeed , she neither belongs to India nor she knows the laws but she twists the statements to show case she is correct.

Ms. Varisha Khan holding a placard that stokes a hatred on India as she being a Pakistani origin truly implementing her Pakistan’s agenda of maligning India

Ms. Varisha Khan’s Pakistan Agenda

Finally, there is every possibility to showcase the fact that Redmond Councillor Ms.Varisha Khan tried to peddle the hysteric rhetoric of Hindutva in her speeches attributed to APPWW. She went with a report provided by Professor Biju Matthews who himself is anti Hindu and his views are based on labelling conservative Hindus as Hindu supremacists. It not only makes Hindus feel much apprehended but also makes them feel insecure with the concoction of lies naming the word Hindutva as derogatory. Connecting the dots, her hatred with APPWW started with their first event on Kashmir Genocide on Hindus in 1990, with Francois Guatier as chief guest of the event who was a  french journalist discussed the details of his reporting during the Genocide on Hindus in 1990 by Pakistan terrorists. Not limited to this, APPWW’s second event on Baluch Human rights clearly indicates her frustration with hatred towards APPWW and her motives made to introduce a resolution 1534. In the process of maligning an organization, she used her absolute power on APPWW which was barely six month old, attributed with hatred and smear campaigns by over 130 organizations and mostly are Facebook groups that promote hatred against Hindus. Clearly, this hate brigade wants to crush APPWW with ulterior motives.

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