gift of Colonialism: The Nazi Haken Kreuz (hooked Cross) will continue to haunt the ‘Swastika’

The New York Bill declaring 'Swastika' as a symbol of hate, has stalled. But history tells us that we have to do more than stalling misguided legislation to reclaim back our enduring symbol of wellness from the White Supremacists. The reclamation of the Swastika is a metaphor for the reclamation and revival of Hindu Dharma from centuries of colonialism. We have to proactively work towards educating the rest of the world that maligning our ancient heritage would be a step backwards in promoting interfaith harmony and would lead to increase in hate crimes. For the sake of honesty, safety and well being of our future generations, we must demand that the meaning and significance of Swastika be redeemed, so that the hate crimes against Jews, Hindus or any other community is not perpetuated in the name of ignorance.

New Education Policy 2020- The Game Changer

On July 29th 2020, the Union Cabinet approved the much awaited New Education Policy (NEP) which aims to transform the education system of the country, in sync with the needs of the 21st century. The Cabinet has also renamed the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as the Ministry of Education.

Sweet fruits reaping from the CAA.

Problems don’t seem to end for the liberal anti-establishment gang of the nation. After the official announcement of the Ram Janm bhoomi poojan has...

Delhi Anti-Hindu riots: Unfolding Reality

It has also been revealed that all mobile phone data of days when riots were unfolding and CCTV footages of incidents remains deleted. It clearly suggests that the riots were pre planned. The chargesheet named sixteen people as main accused with murder and rioting.

BSP: A Twisting tale amid Rajasthan political crisis.

It's interesting and also somewhat difficult to conclude that to where exactly, Mayawati is aspiring to sail. It might be considered that she is planning to play opportunistic politics, cognizing the huge mass acceptance of BJP and thinking to merge with it, in a hope to return back to power though indirectly which has been snatched away from her by public mandate earlier

The Real Minority

Imagine a child, a kid, who is constantly told by people around him that he is SPECIAL. He can do whatever he wants and not have to answer for it. Now imagine, the book that the child reads everyday also says that he is special. Then imagine the child having a ball, doing whatever he wants, saying whatever he wants, breaking, burning whatever he wants and then, one day, along comes a man, who says, “you are not special!” That man is Modi. The man accused of discrimination is in reality the only man since independence, who is trying to restore balance in the society.