Will the real uSA stand up please to the chinese bullying?

The US has lost its focus. It has attempted to observe decorum while China eats away its lunch; whether it is in stealing technological knowhow or decimating American agriculture or manufacturing or manipulating the Renminbi to give unfair advantage to Chinese exporters and businesses. The eagle has dissipated its energies and is trying to outsmart the cunning adversary. In the process, it has steadily lost its strength and advantage to a far more incisive enemy. The US attempted to challenge the usurper not on its own strengths but on its weakness, a surefire way to rapid evisceration. The dragon will outlast the eagle, if this continues.

The Stronger China Becomes, The Weaker it becomes – patterns in chinese history

China is a unique case. Peace leads to trade and prosperity in the interior of China. Prosperity leads to unequal distribution of wealth between the territories which benefitted from the trade and areas which didn’t benefit. While coast based trade means coast gets richer at the expense of the producer, land based trade means more raids from the Steppes. And more raids in the interior means more armies sent to fight the armies and more armies means more taxation. People are unhappy they are taxed more, armies are unhappy centre is not supporting them enough. And this erupts into a rebellion in China major enough to kill millions and lead to the collapse of whole Chinese Government. It’s not a one-off affair – it happened again and again. Almost every dynasty which ruled China ended because of disturbances in the interior. And Ladakh has a potential to trigger another Dynastic Cycle.