Ahom Foundation Legends – Stories of Animist India

The Tribal India coexisted with the mainstream India for millenia but maintained it's own traditions. There was a bidirectional flow of influence and syncretism being such perfect that the tribal religions are treated as a part of Hindu whole. Ahoms are one of the last tribes which migrated into India. Till the last, they maintained their traditional customs but modelled their religion on the traditional Hindu structure. Their foundation myth and other traditional culture reminds one how different they are from other Indians and at the same time, how same they are, to other Indians.

Kakatiya Empire and Islam – conquest and unparalleled fightback

The Kakatiyas were a tough nut to crack for the Islamic Armies from the start. But, the spectacular speed with which Kakatiya Empire collapsed was actually the reason why Delhi Sultanates weren't able to gain a foothold in the South - simply put, the Empire disappeared but not it's armies. The resistance the armies put meant that Delhi Sultanate wasn't able to set it's foot in the territory for the next 300-350 years.

King Rajaraja Chola’s “Aippasi Sadaya Vizha ” falls on Vijayadasami day this year – on {25-10-2020}

After avenging his brother's death Rajaraja Chola turned his attention to the expansion of his empire in the north, west, and east. He crossed the rivers Kaveri Krishna, Godavari, Bhima, Tungabhadra, and Pennar. The present-day Karnataka, Mysore, Coorg, Telangana, Andhra, Orissa, and goa and of course Kerala were under his tiger emblem. The Chalukyas, Kadambas, Vengi, Rashtrakutas, Nolambars, and the Kodavas were all brought under the Chola reign.

What is Kashmir

Close your eyes and think about Kashmir. What comes to your mind? Serene rivers, mighty mountains and beautiful gardens? What if I told you...

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